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A sewing pattern is a blueprint for any item that can be assembled by sewing. Sewing patterns generally include full size pattern pieces and step-by-step instructions with photos or illustrations. At Indiesew, we sell digital and paper sewing patterns. For an introduction on how to use a digital sewing pattern, check out our blog post: How to Use a Digital Sewing Pattern.

If you're familiar with regular printed patterns that are commonly sold in fabric stores, digital sewing patterns are pretty much the same thing! Much like a printed pattern, a digital sewing pattern contains the instructions, pattern pieces, size charts, required fabric, finished garment measurements, etc. You use the digital sewing pattern in much the same way as a printed pattern to create your handmade items.

The only difference is the format. While printed patterns are printed out on large size paper and folded up, digital sewing patterns are downloadable files in the common PDF format. These files are then printed at home on normal printer paper, and are generally around ~20 pages long. These pages are then tiled and taped together to form the pattern pieces. From that point on, the process is the same whether you use paper or digital patterns.

Why digital sewing patterns? It's certainly easier to purchase and obtain a digital sewing pattern since it doesn't require any shipping or a trip to the store. You can print a digital pattern as many times as you want, making it convenient to create the garment multiple times and in multiple sizes. Finally, digital patterns are typically cheaper because there are no packaging, printing or shipping costs.

For an introduction on how to use a digital sewing pattern, check out our blog post: How to Use a Digital Sewing Pattern.

Every pattern we sell is created by an independent designer. By completing an Indiesew purchase you’re supporting stay-at-home moms, aspiring fashion designers, and small makers. We encourage you to get to know the designers by visiting their personal websites.

Allie, Indiesew co-founder, and a small team of friendly helpers sew every pattern you see on the Indiesew site. There are a few reasons for this. First, we want to keep the Indiesew aesthetic consistent. Our site would be considerably less clean and beautiful if we used photos of varying quality and type. Second, we test the quality of every pattern we sell by being first-hand pattern testers. If something doesn't look right, or we have questions, we go straight to the designer before it ever shows up in the Indiesew shop. Third, we can assist you better with your questions if we know how the pattern is assembled. Knowing our product is of paramount importance to us.

Awesome! Fill out the Suggest a Pattern form and we’ll work getting that item in the Shop.

We sell both paper and digital sewing patterns! You can use our Advanced Search in the pattern shop to search by format.

All of our patterns are in the common PDF file format. To view the files, you will need a PDF viewer such as the Free PDF reader available from Adobe ( Generally though, your computer should already be setup to view these files and you shouldn't have to do anything special. Some of the patterns have multiple PDF files, so for these patterns the files are all contained within a single compressed ZIP file. Your computer (either Windows or Mac) easily opens these ZIP files, and the various files are clearly named.

If you need help opening your patterns, please contact [email protected].

To make it easier to search for either Plus or Petite size patterns, some patterns are marked as having these special sizes. Please note that just like how sizes are always different, the lines between petite/regular and regular/plus vary by designer, manufacturer, store, country and culture. So we try our best, but always check the size chart on the "Product Details" tab on the product pages to determine if the pattern supports your size!

We define petite sizes as US size 00, size 0, size XXXS, sizeXXS, and size XS. For plus sizes it's size 14, size 16, size18, size 20, size 22, size 24, size XL, size XXL, size XXXL, size XXXXL, and size XXXXXL. If a pattern supports one or more of these sizes, it will be marked as a special size for Petite, Plus, or both.

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Only if you live in Colorado. Because we are a Boulder, Colorado-based company, we are legally required to charge all Colorado residents sales tax. There are a few additional taxes that we are required to charge residents of the city of Boulder and Boulder county. The sales tax amount will be calculated during the checkout process.

Yes. Starting January 1st, 2015 we are legally required to charge all customers residing in participating EU countries value added taxes. These tax rates vary by EU country. The prices in the shop do not include VAT. The VAT rate and total VAT amount will be calculated during the checkout process.

If you purchased a digital pattern, you will receive your pattern instantly! Once your order is complete, you'll be taken to your order page where you can download all of the digital patterns you've purchased. If you want to download them later or from a different computer, that's fine too! All of your orders are linked to your account and can be accessed on the "My Orders" tab.

Paper patterns will be shipped according to our Shipping Policy.

My Account

Visit your account page and click on the "My Orders" tab to view your previously purchased sewing patterns. Digital patterns can be downloaded within each order. Paper patterns are shipped to the customer and are not available for download.

Your digital patterns can be accessed and downloaded multiple times. That being said, at Indiesew we monitor digital pattern downloads. If we identify questionable download behavior, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate any user’s account.

No. Digital patterns are protected under the same laws that govern the sharing of digital music, audiobooks and ebooks. When you agree to our Terms of Service you agree that you will not share any patterns you purchase on Indiesew. If you do share your purchased patterns we reserve the right to terminate your account.


Absolutely! We'd love to see all of your creations, even if you didn’t purchase the pattern from us.

Locate the pattern you’ve made a creation for in our Shop. Click on the “Add My Creation” button and follow the instructions.

We approve the content of every creation to ensure inappropriate content never shows up on Indiesew. For this reason, it may take a few minutes before your creation shows up on the pattern page.

Currently, we do not allow users to upload creations for patterns we don’t sell or for creations that were made without a pattern. If that’s something you are interested in, please let us know by filling out our feedback form.

As many as you want! One of the best things about sewing patterns is that you can use them again and again. Something didn't turn out well? No problem, make it again! Want to use a different fabric, go for it! You can add your creation each time you use the pattern.