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How to Use Bias Tape blog | How to Use Bias Tape

Once, a very long time ago, I decided to take the sleeves off a beloved dress to make it more summer-appropriate. I was new to garment sewing and had never heard of bias tape or binding. In my mind, a double rolled hem around that armhole seemed practical. I set to work on those armholes with my trusty steam iron by my side. Disaster ensued. Not only is a double rolled hem next to impossible to . . .

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How to Use a Digital Sewing Pattern Blog| How to Use a Digital Sewing Pattern

So what is a digital sewing pattern, you ask? And just exactly how do you use one? Don’t worry, we needed some guidance at first, too. In fact, in our initial Indiesew research we found that this question came up quite often. Digital patterns are a semi-recent phenomenon. If the extent of your sewing pattern experience was watching your grandmother perusing the pattern section at her local fabric . . .

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How to Add Your Creations to Indiesew

Select ADD MY CREATION from the product page

One of the most exciting parts about being an Indiesew creator is the ability to share what you’ve sewn with your friends and family. Even better is that it’s easy and quick to do! This post will walk you through the steps required to upload your creations to Indiesew. As an example, I’m going to upload a creation for Sew Caroline’s Out and About Dress using images from Erin Sewbon’s post: Out . . .

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A Brief History of Garment Sewing

20th century garment factory |

Source Just how, you ask, do we kick off this sewing revolution we call Indiesew? Well, we need to start at the very beginning. To fully understand the art of sewing, how it came to be and how we arrived at the current state of things we're going to have to back wayyyy up. I promise this will be fun. Sewing has been around almost as long as humans. Yes, seriously. Cavemen used bone sewing needles . . .

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Indiesew is Reality

Allie and Steve |

So folks. We did it. We started a business. Blood, sweat and tears have brought us to a most monumental moment of unveiling what can only be described as our dreams becoming 100% reality. It's cliché. But it feels good to do what we know to be the only thing our hearts beat for. Creativity and collaboration. What is all of this you ask? Good question. And just how do you put innovation in the . . .

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