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How to Sew a Simple Poncho

Indiesew Tutorials | DIY Poncho

There are few things that feel cozier than wrapping a blanket around yourself. What I wouldn’t give to go through my day running errands or having a cup of coffee with friends while wrapped tightly in my favorite throw. Unfortunately, there are also few things that will cause people to wonder about your mental well being, and wandering in public wrapped in a blanket is one of them. This is where . . .

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New Indiesew Fabrics: Corduroy and Plaid

Indiesew Fabric Shop | Corduroy and Plaid Fabrics

We are super excited to announce that six awesome new fabrics just hit the Indiesew Fabric Shop ! These swoon-worthy winter fabrics will keep you toasty warm as the mercury dips. Four fine wale corduroys and two lovely plaid fabrics are waiting for you. Let’s get a close up:   Navy Blue Fine Wale Corduroy This Navy Blue Fine Wale Corduroy  is what our Lonetree Jacket sample is sewn in! With a . . .

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How We Wear It: Gathered Back Top

How We Wear It: Gathered Back Top by Indygo Junction

The blouse I’m showing you today is one that I’ve wanted to feature on the blog for a while. It’s one of those sewing patterns that doesn’t get much attention, but has an unexpected element that makes it a super unique design. Today I’m showing you how I wear (and why I love) the Gathered Back Top  by Indygo Junction. The Gathered Back Top is a woven blouse with 3/4 sleeves, bust darts, and two . . .

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Cyber Monday: 20% off Sitewide Sale! | Cyber Monday Sale

It’s here! Our annual Cyber Monday sale has arrived! This year we decided to go all out and offer a 20% discount on basically everything on the site. That means that every sewing pattern and every fabric and our Lonetree kits are available at huge savings. So get shopping! Use coupon code CYBER20 at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order. The sale starts at right now and lasts until 10 . . .

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2016 Fall/Winter Collection: Blog Tour Roundup | 2016 Fall/Winter Collection Blog Tour Roundup

As I write this blog post a steady amount of snow is falling from the sky. I’m finally reminded that is nearly full-on winter, despite the warm fall weather we’ve been having. I’m also reminded that I need some new warm clothes, stat.  I curated the 2016 Fall/Winter Collection  with the idea that it could be sewn up into two different capsule wardrobes: a lightweight fall ensemble in autumn tones . . .

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November Creations Prize Package + Announcing the October Winner!

Indiesew Giveaway | Upload Your Creation to Win!

Another month has flown by and another sewist has won the October Creations Giveaway ! Forty-four creations  were added last month and every single one had us swooning. You all are a seriously impressive bunch. So without further ado, our winning creation for the October Giveaway is the Onyx Shirt by MahlicaDesigns !   Melissa sewed up the Onyx Shirt sewing pattern  by Paprika Patterns with just . . .

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How To: Screenprinted Holiday Gifts

Learn How to Screenprint |

For several years now, I’ve had a keen interest in fabric printing. I’ve dipped my toe into the world of block printing, potato printing, freezer paper stencils, and screenprinting. And with every project I’ve finished, I’ve felt even more inspired to start another one. So when my buddy Lauren  and I were brainstorming a potential holiday-themed collaboration, screenprinting fabric was the first . . .

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Lonetree Inclusive Sizing Now Available!

Lonetree Jacket Inclusive Sizing Now Available | Indiesew.

Before I launched the Lonetree Jacket and Vest , I talked about it a lot on social media. I showed several sneak peeks of the design, talked about the upcoming Lonetree Kits , and tried to share as much of my design journey with you as possible. And while it made me a bit nervous to do so (what if I burned out before the pattern was finished?), it also helped me gather a ton of great feedback . . .

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