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It's Winter Knits Week! | Winter Knits Week

Today marks the launch of a new Indiesew event: Winter Knits Week! For the past few years, we've been celebrating Cardigan Week , but for me, it felt like something was missing from that event. Some people are decidedly not cardigan people (I'm still working that out for myself), so why celebrate just one kind of cozy knit garment? Why not celebrate the whole category of winter knit silhouettes? . . .

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Outfitting the Apparel Sewist Pt 3: Supplies

Indiesew Blog | What Supplies to Get Someone Who Sews

Today is the last day of our Outfitting the Apparel Sewist series! Today's post is all about the consumable items that you'll need to get started sewing: thread, needles, interfacing, etc.  You can check out the entire series here: Part 1: Machines Part 2: Tools Part 3: Supplies (today!) Bonus Archived Post: Five Best Irons for Garment Sewers While the exact supplies required will vary for each . . .

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Outfitting the Apparel Sewist Pt 2: Tools

Indiesew Outfitting the Sewist | Sewing Supplies for Beginners

We're back today with Part 2 of our Outfitting the Sewist blog series! You can check out the entire series here: Part 1: Machines Part 2: Tools (today!) Part 3: Supplies Bonus Archived Post: Five Best Irons for Garment Sewers Today, we're talking about the small tools you'll need to get started on your sewing hobby. There are a ton of options on the market for scissors, pins, and tailors chalk. . . .

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Outfitting the Apparel Sewist Pt 1: Machines

Indiesew | What to Buy for Someone Who Sews

Over the years, we've had lots of people approach us who want to start sewing, but have no idea where to start. For those of us who have been sewing for years, it's easy to see why. A sewing hobby requires a lot of stuff . If you're completely new to sewing, it can be daunting to know what's necessary to buy and what isn't. That's why we're writing an Outfitting the Sewist blog series. This . . .

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2018 Black Friday Weekend Sale

Indiesew 2018 Black Friday Weekend Sale | 20% Off Sitewide

The 2018 Black Friday weekend is here and this time we decided to keep the discount sizeable but simple, and throw in some extras for those who are planning to stock up! Starting at 6:00am MT today through Monday, November 26th at 10:00pm MT everything on Indiesew (besides  gift cards and collections ) is 20% off! Use coupon code BFCM18 at checkout the receive the discount. Shop Now > What's . . .

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Why I Love My Beatrice Form | Why I Love My Beatrice Form

If you haven’t heard of Beatrice Forms , you’ll want to find out what these industry disruptors are up to. I met Alison and Nate (the masterminds behind the brand) about a year ago. These fellow Boulder-ites have embarked on an endeavor that is shaking up the sewing industry. And with their passion for design, there are no two people better poised to do so. Alison and Nate started Beatrice Forms . . .

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Pattern Comparison: Ash and Liana Stretch Jeans

Indiesew Pattern Comparison: Ash vs Liana Stretch Jeans

We're back with another Pattern Comparison post! This one has been often asked for over the past few months. Today we're comparing jeans : a subject of much analysis and debate in the sewing world.  And we get it, sewing jeans requires a major time commitment. Bodies come in many different shapes and it can be hard to decipher which design will give your curves the best fit. Most people aren't . . .

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Indiesew x Dan Lehman: Blog Tour Roundup

Indiesew x Dan Lehman Collaboration | Blog Tour Roundup

It's been three weeks since we launched  our collaboration with  Dan Lehman and  Spoonflower and it's been so fun to see the response from the sewing community! The response to this custom-printed fabric adorned with carnivorous plants has been super exciting. This novelty print is certainly outside of our typical offering, but we've seen the print resonate with scientists, botanists, and . . .

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