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Introducing the Monarch Jacket | Introducing the Monarch Jacket Sewing Pattern by Allie Olson

My fifth sewing pattern is finally here! The  Monarch Jacket  sewing pattern has been in the works for a very long time, and I am over the moon to finally see so many months of hard work materialize! Monarch’s origin story is a bit funny. Last spring, I saw a woman walking on a Boulder sidewalk wearing a pair of wide-leg cropped pants and a knit raglan jacket with contrast sleeves (like the navy . . .

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How We Wear It: Carolyn Pajamas

Indiesew | How We Wear It: Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case

During  Shirt Month this year, I made a point to finally sew up the  Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Patterns. For years, I’ve needed an upgrade in my sleepwear. I love the classic look of the Carolyn Pajamas and since the top of this set is technically a button-up shirt, I thought  #shirtmonth was the best time to tackle it. In fact, the Carolyn Pajamas were the only button-up shirt I was able to . . .

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How We Wear It: Taos Top (Plus, our Luxe Rib Knits are back!)

Indiesew Style Post: Taos Top by Threadbear

Spring is starting to show its face here in Boulder and that means it's time to start sewing all the warm-weather clothes! Today's style post is all about the Taos Top , a new sewing pattern by Threadbear that I'll be living in for the foreseeable future. The Taos Top is a  sleeveless knit top with princess seams and the option for a mock turtleneck or cowl neckline. My Taos Top has the hemline . . .

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Fabric Batch #017: Texture

Indiesew Fabric Batch | Texture

A few weeks ago, Leslie from  Threadbear and I traveled to LA together for an overnight trip. I was excited to reconnect and show her what the LA Fashion District and  overstock fabric were all about. When I source fabric in LA, I typically travel alone, in one day. But having another apparel sewist and pattern designer on my sourcing trip was an incredible asset. And this fabric batch, Texture, . . .

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How We Wear It: Palate Cleansing Knit Dresses

Indiesew Palette Cleansing Knit Project Panama Inari

March is such a weather and mood rollercoaster – particularly when you live in the North. Much like Spring break, a palate cleansing knit project is the perfect antidote to weather and attitude fluctuations.  A quick and easy knit project in a refreshing color provides a brilliant transition from winter to spring. For my palate cleansing knit project, I chose two knit tee dress patterns: the . . .

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Five Tips for Sewing Your First Shirt

Indiesew | Willamette | Shirt Month | Five Tips for Sewing your First Shirt

Between making them for my son, husband, and myself, I’d say sewing shirts is one of my favorite projects. So it was such a pleasure to write up this post for Shirt Month —and, finally find the shirt for me. Read on for my new favorite, the Willamette , plus five tips for sewing your first shirt!         I’ve tried a handful of collared shirts over the last year but none of them were quite what I . . .

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Five Tips to Styling Your Latest Make | Five Tips for Styling  your Latest Make | Montana Shirt by Itch to Stich

We’ve all been there—you finish your latest make and, with excitement, throw it on. You immediately feel “oh so fancy” and couldn’t be more proud of your new me-made essential. A few weeks go by and you realize you haven’t worn it since. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!?  For me, every time I wear something I create—like this buttonup—I want it to feel special. But no shirt can hold up under that much . . .

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Introducing the 2019 Indiesew Contributor Team! | 2019 Contributor Team

Today, we're super excited to take a quick break from Shirt Month to introduce you to the 2019 Indiesew Contributor Team! A few weeks ago, we introduced the 2019 Indiesew Blogger Team , and we're over the moon to introduce nine more women we'll be working with this year. You might be wondering how the Contributor Team and the Blogger Team differ. Our Blogger Team is exclusively sewing bloggers, . . .

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