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How to Sew a Puffy Dropje Vest

Indiesew Tutorials | How to Sew a Puffy Dropje Vest

My early college years were firmly entrenched in the puffiest of vest trends. What I’m referring to are the days of the ubiquitous black North Face vest that was stuffed with so many down feathers that you could easily take a nap on your own shoulder. These silhouettes added a good 20 pounds to your torso area, but goshdarnit, you were warm.  A decade later, outerwear technology has brought us . . .

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How to Sew a Slouchy Seafarer

How to Sew a Slouchy Seafarer Top |

For every collection we launch I spend hours upon hours pouring over which patterns to include. There are several elements I like to see in each grouping of patterns that I hope appeal to most garment sewists. One thing I always try to incorporate are a few versatile knit sewing patterns.   For the 2015 Spring Collection , I knew the Seafarer Top  would be a great addition to every sewist’s . . .

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