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How to Sew a Highlands Wrap Blouse with Bell Sleeves


When I was hashing out the Highlands Wrap Dress  design with my patternmaker Dawn, I sewed up four quick blouse-length muslins. It was an easy way to test the changing fit of the bodice without wasting yards of fabric sewing the maxi-length dress. After staring at all those blouse-length muslins, Dawn and I both agreed that a Highlands Wrap Blouse was in order for both of us. And thus, this is . . .

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Lonetree Sewalong Starts February 20th! | Lonetree Jacket Sewalong Starts Feb 20th!

The Lonetree Jacket sewn above was sewn by Sara of The Sara Project . Now that the days are slowly getting a bit longer, I’m getting motivated to start working on my spring handmade wardrobe. This winter I’ve filled some major gaps with jeans and cozy button-up shirts, but I’m seriously lacking transitional, seasonal wear. I need more items I can layer, and a lightweight spring Lonetree Jacket . . .

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The Sew Your Favorite Jeans Workshop is here! | Sew Your Favorite Jeans Workshop

It’s been many, many hours in the making but we’re so excited to launch our newest project! The Sew Your Favorite Jeans Workshop  is now available and it’s on sale! For the next two weeks get the workshop for $49, more than 15% off the normal price of $59. Maybe you’re wondering what this workshop is all about? Well, first watch this: The Sew Your Favorite Jeans Workshop will help you bring your . . .

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How to Sew a Simple Poncho

Indiesew Tutorials | DIY Poncho

There are few things that feel cozier than wrapping a blanket around yourself. What I wouldn’t give to go through my day running errands or having a cup of coffee with friends while wrapped tightly in my favorite throw. Unfortunately, there are also few things that will cause people to wonder about your mental well being, and wandering in public wrapped in a blanket is one of them. This is where . . .

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Lonetree Fit and Fabric Selection

Lonetree Jacket Fit and Fabric Selection |

I want to extend one huge heartfelt thank you for your enthusiasm around the 2016 Fall/Winter Collection  and my first solo design, the Lonetree Jacket and Vest . It’s a bit terrifying to release a design that is a full reflection of your own personal style. It’s scary writing and illustrating a pattern the way I would like to use it, hoping that it meets your standards. If it doesn’t, don’t . . .

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The Wrapped Cardigan Video | The Wrapped Cardigan Video

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Kristin Glenn (founder of Seamly ) stayed with me for a night in Boulder. Kristin and I have been collaborating on a big project to digitize all of her ethical designs before they go out of production. (Big things are coming for Seamly!) The collaboration has been a wonderful project and challenging in the best way possible. And Kristin is also an incredibly . . .

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Eight Tips for a Better Versalette

8 Tips for a Better Versalette |

Our latest collaboration with Seamly has arrived, and we’ve found that it's just as versatile as its name suggests. The Versalette  is a knit garment that can be worn thirty different ways! Multiple skirt, top, and dress options make this garment perfect for wardrobe minimalists and travel lovers. Learn more about the pattern and see it worn different ways here. Because this design is a bit . . .

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How to Sew a Lined Picnic Skirt

How to Add a Lining to the Picnic Skirt

The floral and stripes trend is one that I’ve been silently observing for a while now. Most can pull it off fabulously, but I had serious doubts about my own success. With no print-mixing experience and a small aversion to floral prints, I just haven’t been ready to go there.  But “there” is a place I should have ventured long ago. Like, years ago. It turns out stripes and an abstract floral . . .

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