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April/May 2017 Creations Prize Package + Announcing the March Winner

Indiesew | April/May 2017 Creations Giveaway

April was such a busy month around here, we nearly forgot to mention the Monthly Creations Giveaway ! So, to make up for our oversight, the next prize package will be for all creations uploaded in April and May and the prizes (yes, multiple prizes) are big this time. More on that below, but first let's announce our March winner! In March ninety sewing creations  were uploaded to Indiesew. It's so . . .

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March 2017 Creations Prize Package + Announcing the February Winner

Indiesew | March Creations Giveaway

The first day of spring is right around the corner and it’s clear that many of you are gearing up for warm weather with lots of sewing! In February 95 creations  and reviews were uploaded to Indiesew! The February Creations Prize Package , no doubt, had something to do with that. The winning creation for February was… … Patti’s Hepburn Shorts ! She sewed the side zip option (there's also a . . .

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February 2017 Creations Prize Package + Announcing the January Winner | February Creation Giveaway

February’s Creation Giveaway is a pretty exciting one! Never before have we offered up a prize package of products that are yet to be released on our site. But our 2017 Spring/Summer fabrics are so good that we just had to give one lucky winner a sneak peek. But more on that later. First, let’s check out the winning creation for January: It's  Beth’s Jamie Jeans ! She used our Jamie Jeans . . .

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January 2017 Creations Prize Package + Announcing the December Winner

Indiesew Giveaway | Creations Contest

It's 2017 and our Monthly Creations Giveaway  continues! In December, forty-one creations were added to Indiesew. It's such a blast to see what you're all sewing, what fabrics you're currently digging, and to read your feedback on the patterns you used. Just like we do every month, we picked one random creation to win eight yards (nearly $100 worth!) of Indiesew fabric. The winning creation . . .

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December Creations Prize Package + Announcing the November Winner | December Creations Giveaway 2016

As we wrap up 2016, we're offering our biggest Creations Prize Package ever! One lucky winner will get nearly $100 worth of Indiesew fabric! But first, let's see who won the November contest. Our randomly chosen winning creation for the November Giveaway is the  Ayelet's Natalie Top Tunic !   Ayelet lengthened the Natalie Top sewing pattern  by Liola Patterns so that she could wear it with . . .

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November Creations Prize Package + Announcing the October Winner!

Indiesew Giveaway | Upload Your Creation to Win!

Another month has flown by and another sewist has won the October Creations Giveaway ! Forty-four creations  were added last month and every single one had us swooning. You all are a seriously impressive bunch. So without further ado, our winning creation for the October Giveaway is the Onyx Shirt by MahlicaDesigns !   Melissa sewed up the Onyx Shirt sewing pattern  by Paprika Patterns with just . . .

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October Creations Prize Package + Announcing the September Winner! | October 2016 Creations Giveaway

Our monthly creations giveaway is in its second month running and it's been so much fun to see what you've uploaded to our creations portal !  To participate in our monthly giveaway of $50 worth of sewing goodies, just upload your latest sewing creation. At the end of each month we use a random generator to select our winner. Our winner creation for September is Leslie’s Black Mamba Halifax !   . . .

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September Creations Prize Package + Announcing the August Winner!

Monthly Creations Giveaway | September Prize Package

We are so excited to announce the August winner of our Monthly Creation Giveaway! As we mentioned in our original post , the creations portal is a space for interaction through comments, reviews, and questions. You can also search through the portal to gather inspiration. Allie and I had a lot of fun looking through all of the creations ; a whopping 165 new creations were added this month alone! . . .

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