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October Creations Winner | October 2017 Creations Winner

We're so excited to announce our winner for the 2017 October Creations Giveaway !  Nicole's Red Scuba Lodo Dress was our randomly chosen winning creation! She used our  Baywatch Red Scuba fabric to create this stunning dress.  We're putting our Monthly Creations Giveaways on hold while we make some improvements to our website. In the meantime, you can still  upload your creations and leave a . . .

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October 2017 Creations Giveaway + Announcing the Aug/Sept Winner

October 2017 Creations Giveaway | Indiesew Blog

In just five short days, the 2017 Fall/Winter Pattern and Fabric Collection will launch! This one has been in the planning stages far longer than any collection we've launched. Honestly, at times I felt like it might never come together. I struggled to choose complementary patterns while simultaneously working on my own design. But finally, just five days before you get to see it, I feel at peace . . .

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August/September 2017 Creations Prize Package + Announcing the July Winner

Indiesew | August/September Creations Giveaway

As summer winds down, we can tell that fall wardrobe planning is picking up! Once the kids are back in school or a routine once again finds its way into your life, planning your next sewing projects is a fun way to embrace the seasonal change. Yes summer is leaving, but we get to start sewing cozy cardigans, sweatshirts, and jeans! But we'll talk more about fall sewing below. First, let's see who . . .

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July 2017 Creations Prize Package + Announcing the June Winner | July 2017 Creations Giveaway

Hello friends! We're smack dab in the middle of a hot, hot summer here in Colorado. I'm enjoying the slower pace that this season brings. And while I haven't found much time to sew (I have big plans for August, more on that below), I've been more inspired than ever browsing your creations . Keep 'em coming!   The June Winner Last month we gave away a copy of the newly released Highlands Wrap . . .

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June 2017 Creations Prize Package + Announcing the April/May Winners | June Creations Giveaway

June is here and I'm left bewildered, wondering how May came and went so fast. Spring seems to be busy time in the sewing world, as the season transitions we often find holes in our wardrobes that need filling fast before hot weather hits. We've been busy shipping your patterns and fabric this month to make it happen! We're back on track with our Monthly Creations Giveaway  this month! But before . . .

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April/May 2017 Creations Prize Package + Announcing the March Winner

Indiesew | April/May 2017 Creations Giveaway

April was such a busy month around here, we nearly forgot to mention the Monthly Creations Giveaway ! So, to make up for our oversight, the next prize package will be for all creations uploaded in April and May and the prizes (yes, multiple prizes) are big this time. More on that below, but first let's announce our March winner! In March ninety sewing creations  were uploaded to Indiesew. It's so . . .

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March 2017 Creations Prize Package + Announcing the February Winner

Indiesew | March Creations Giveaway

The first day of spring is right around the corner and it’s clear that many of you are gearing up for warm weather with lots of sewing! In February 95 creations  and reviews were uploaded to Indiesew! The February Creations Prize Package , no doubt, had something to do with that. The winning creation for February was… … Patti’s Hepburn Shorts ! She sewed the side zip option (there's also a . . .

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February 2017 Creations Prize Package + Announcing the January Winner | February Creation Giveaway

February’s Creation Giveaway is a pretty exciting one! Never before have we offered up a prize package of products that are yet to be released on our site. But our 2017 Spring/Summer fabrics are so good that we just had to give one lucky winner a sneak peek. But more on that later. First, let’s check out the winning creation for January: It's  Beth’s Jamie Jeans ! She used our Jamie Jeans . . .

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