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Fabric Files: Silk

Indiesew Fabric Files | Silk

For too long I avoided buying silk fabric, even though the prints and textures were exactly what I was looking for. This soft, drapey, lightweight fabric terrified me. I felt too inexperienced and, to be honest, not mature enough for silk. It was expensive and it seemed hard to sew with. I spill food on a lot of things I wear and I assumed silk could only be dry-cleaned. So in my head, a silk . . .

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Fabric Files: French Terry

The Indiesew Fabric Files | French Terry Knit Fabric

It’s time for another installment of Fabric Files  and this month we’re taking a deep dive into a knit fabric that everyone loves. And while hot summer weather doesn’t exactly jive with a thick, cozy fabric, French Terry needs to be discussed. This substrate is the bee’s knees. Come September, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Though sometimes hard to source, French Terry is the king of . . .

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Fabric Files: Crepe

Writing these fabric files posts has been a crash course in fabric 101. Before starting Indiesew, admittedly I knew only if a fabric was a knit or a woven. And back then I referred to all knit fabrics as jersey. I had no idea what words like slub , hand , or weft  meant. I didn’t know a thing about how fiber breakdown of a certain fabric would affect how comfortable or durable a garment would be. . . .

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Fabric Files: Jersey

Fabric Files: Jersey |

Today’s fabric files post is one I’ve been itching to write for weeks now. Jersey is a ubiquitous fabric in the sewing world. Most sewists likely have a few yards sitting in their stash right now. It’s easy to shop for and relatively easy to sew with. Plus, sewing with jersey results in comfortable garments that wash and wear well. Jersey is easy. Plain and simple. Let’s see why.     Jersey . . .

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Fabric Files: Rayon Challis

Fabric Files: Rayon Challis |

In today's Fabric Files post, I'm talking about my favorite woven apparel fabric. My  rayon challis addiction started back when I did most of my shopping at Target. In my early 20's flowy, rayon challis sundresses were my jam. I don't buy clothing from Target anymore, but my love for this lightweight fabric has only strengthened. It's such a great fabric to wear. If you've never heard of rayon . . .

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Fabric Files: Ponte

Indiesew Fabric Files | Ponte de Roma

About a year ago I started sewing more knit garments than woven. I found them easy to sew up with my serger and, in general, more wearable in my every day wardrobe. I knew little about fabric stretch percentages or fiber breakdowns. I simply bought clearance fabric and found out after sewing the garment if it was appropriate. Trial and error, baby. Through this experimentation I discovered a . . .

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Fabric Files: Voile

Fabric Files: Voile |

Over the past several months many of you have reached out to tell us what type of content you want to see on the Indiesew blog (by the way, keep the feedback coming!). There was one comment in particular we continued to hear from our users over and over again. Simply put? There are too few fabric resources for beginner and intermediate sewists. There doesn't seem to be many people writing about . . .

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