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Fall Selfish Sewing Week: DIY Yoga Bag

Indiesew + Selfish Sewing Week | DIY Yoga Bag

The first three days of Selfish Sewing Week have been wonderfully self-indulgent. While my guy is out of town, I’ve taken full advantage of the freedom to be as messy with my sewing as possible. This means there’s an abundance of fabric on the kitchen island (my favorite cutting space), several garments draped over his office chair, and the photo studio is definitely NOT getting put away until . . .

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Fall Selfish Sewing Week: Plans | Selfish Sewing Week Plans

I was delighted to find out a few weeks ago that Selfish Sewing Week was rapidly approaching. Like many of you, I rarely sew anything other than women’s garments, but I wouldn’t call my sewing entirely selfish. Yes, most of the samples you see in the Indiesew shop are sewn up in a size that fits me, and often they do get integrated into my daily wardrobe. But many of them get sent back to our . . .

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