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How We Wear It: The Opal Cardigan | How We Wear It: The Opal Cardigan by Paprika Patterns

It seems like my tolerance for cold weather decreases a little bit more each year. The older I get the more it affects me – has this happened to anyone else? I know plenty of people who wear long underwear or tights under their jeans on a daily basis in the winter, but I’ve never been able to get used to doing that. But a lot of times I’ll feel cold on my commute, but then way too hot when I’m at . . .

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The Wrapped Cardigan Video | The Wrapped Cardigan Video

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Kristin Glenn (founder of Seamly ) stayed with me for a night in Boulder. Kristin and I have been collaborating on a big project to digitize all of her ethical designs before they go out of production. (Big things are coming for Seamly!) The collaboration has been a wonderful project and challenging in the best way possible. And Kristin is also an incredibly . . .

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Get Ready for Cardigan Week! | Get Ready for Cardigan Week!

Note: sources for images above linked below. It’s back! Our Cardigan event was such a hit last year that we decided to devote a whole week to these cozy outer layers this year. We want to encourage and enable everyone’s fall wardrobe plans so we’re having a big sale on all cardigan and blazer sewing patterns! A fall wardrobe is not complete without one of these staples. So all cardigans  and . . .

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Introducing Fabric Batch #013: Harvest Moon

Indiesew Fabric Batch #013: Harvest Moon

I’ve been antsy to release this particular fabric batch since these textiles landed on my doorstep. I just love amber and navy mixed with a rich emerald green. These four fabrics combined are the recipe for some lovely handmade clothing. And, in fact, the showstopper of this particular fabric batch was a last minute, out-of-the-corner-of-my-eye find. I saw the auburn red color peeking out from a . . .

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Eight Tips for a Better Versalette

8 Tips for a Better Versalette |

Our latest collaboration with Seamly has arrived, and we’ve found that it's just as versatile as its name suggests. The Versalette  is a knit garment that can be worn thirty different ways! Multiple skirt, top, and dress options make this garment perfect for wardrobe minimalists and travel lovers. Learn more about the pattern and see it worn different ways here. Because this design is a bit . . .

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Introducing Fabric Batch #012: Electric Ave

Indiesew Fabric Batch | Electric Ave

If you hadn’t noticed, we love a black and white color palette here at Indiesew. The two colors are neutral, timeless, and easy to mix with other shades. Throw in a dynamic shade of fuchsia and you have a stimulating color palette perfect for a night on the town. Meet our newest fabric batch, Electric Ave. It’s named as such partially because I couldn’t get that 1980’s song out of my head while . . .

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Indiesew Pattern Additions: August 2016

Indiesew | August 2016 Pattern Additions

And just like that, we are well on our way into the second week of September! For many people, the first few weeks of school are underway. Life is transitioning into the more regular pace of fall. For us, August was fast-paced and constantly busy. In fact, we added eleven patterns to the shop last month! Here they are: Megan Nielsen Patterns Sudley  is a blouse or gathered waist dress with a . . .

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September Creations Prize Package + Announcing the August Winner!

Monthly Creations Giveaway | September Prize Package

We are so excited to announce the August winner of our Monthly Creation Giveaway! As we mentioned in our original post , the creations portal is a space for interaction through comments, reviews, and questions. You can also search through the portal to gather inspiration. Allie and I had a lot of fun looking through all of the creations ; a whopping 165 new creations were added this month alone! . . .

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