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Selfish Sewing Week Guest Blogger: Lace and Pine

Indiesew Selfish Sewing Week | Lace & Pine

Hi, I’m Sarah and I have a little blog where I share about my sewing creations at Lace & Pine Designs . I am beyond excited to be one of the featured bloggers for this Fall's Selfish Sewing Week! Thank you to Indiesew for allowing me the opportunity! When I first discovered my theme for the week would be Workout clothes, I was a little nervous. Let's be honest, I have 3 young kids and my workouts . . .

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Selfish Sewing Week Guest Blogger: Daisy Faye Designs

Selfish Sewing Week | Daisy Faye Designs

Happy Tuesday, sewing friends! I’m Kim from Daisy Faye Designs  and I’m so excited to be here talking about one of my favorite past times: selfish sewing!   I spend most of my sewing time working on items for my Etsy shop, so I jumped at the chance to HAVE to make something for myself. I still consider myself to be an enthusiastic beginner when it comes to apparel sewing and I always enjoy the . . .

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Selfish Sewing Week Guest Blogger: Thread Riding Hood

Fall 2015 Selfish Sewing Week | Sherri from Thread Riding Hood

Hi! My name is Sherri and I share my sewing creations over on Thread Riding Hood . I'm so pleased to be able to talk about my Selfish Sewing Week project here on Indiesew today. Happy Monday to you! What do you plan to make this week? This Fall, Selfish Sewing Week is divided into themes and Monday's theme is Corporate. I'm happy to say that the Pleated Pencil Skirt I sewed up is a great basic . . .

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Selfish Sewing Week is Here! | Fall 2015 Selfish Sewing Week

It’s that time of year again: Selfish Sewing Week is here! We cohost this twice-yearly event with Rachael from  Imagine Gnats  and it never fails to be inspiring and productive.  Those who know their way around a sewing machine often choose (or get wrangled) to sew primarily for others. Your kids, your partner, or your friends often receive your handiwork more than you sew for yourself. Not this . . .

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Meet the Designer: Peggy Mead

Indiesew Blog | Meet the Designer: Peggy Mead

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Peggy Mead creates feminine sewing patterns with modern silhouettes. She's the brains behind  Sew House Seven , an endeavor that combines Peggy's pattern making expertise and her passion for sewing. But she's more than just a pattern maker. Peggy is a mother, a day-time Pendleton  designer and an outdoor enthusiast with an education in apparel design. Her . . .

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How to Shorten a Zipper

Indiesew Tutorials | How to Shorten a Zipper

My first experience sewing on a zipper was at a Modern Domestic  class I took in 2008. We were tackling piped pillow covers with an invisible zip closure. I was still very much a beginner sewist, but the class sounded fun in a naïve, I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-getting-into sort of way. It turned out to be one of my favorite sewing classes I’ve ever taken. In that class our instructor gave stellar . . .

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Remix the Stitch: Workout Style

Indisew Blog | Remix the Stitch: Handmade Workout Style

There's a noticeable cycle developing in my life. Every six months or so, I try to overhaul my health and fitness. It usually comes after feeling inexplicably tired for a few weeks in a row. Needing an hour nap everyday at 3:00 p.m. isn't exactly ideal for my work schedule, so a few weeks ago I hopped back on the "let's get healthy again!" train. This time around I'm feeling so good that my new . . .

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Fabric Files: Silk

Indiesew Fabric Files | Silk

For too long I avoided buying silk fabric, even though the prints and textures were exactly what I was looking for. This soft, drapey, lightweight fabric terrified me. I felt too inexperienced and, to be honest, not mature enough for silk. It was expensive and it seemed hard to sew with. I spill food on a lot of things I wear and I assumed silk could only be dry-cleaned. So in my head, a silk . . .

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