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2016 Winter Collection Blog Tour Roundup | 2016 Winter Collection Designer Roundup

There was so much "new and improved" about the 2016 Winter Collection that made me nervous about its launch. Would you like it? Would it sell? Did I prepare enough? What haven't I anticipated? A million questions swirled in my days before the launch. Fortunately, it all went off without a hitch. And I have even more gratitude for this sewing community that shows so much appreciation for what we . . .

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How to Sew a Puffy Dropje Vest

Indiesew Tutorials | How to Sew a Puffy Dropje Vest

My early college years were firmly entrenched in the puffiest of vest trends. What I’m referring to are the days of the ubiquitous black North Face vest that was stuffed with so many down feathers that you could easily take a nap on your own shoulder. These silhouettes added a good 20 pounds to your torso area, but goshdarnit, you were warm.  A decade later, outerwear technology has brought us . . .

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Introducing the 2016 Winter Collection + Fabric Batch | Introducing the 2016 Winter Collection

It’s here folks: the 2016 Winter Collection  has arrived! This collection launch is our biggest production yet and we're SO excited to show you what we've been working on. This season we're bringing you a brand new pattern format and five ideal fabrics for the patterns in this bundle.  The 2016 Winter Collection is cozy, comfortable and suitable for every body type. Once again, we’ve chosen . . .

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Quick and Easy Stripe Matching with Knits

Indiesew Sewing Tutorials | Quick and Easy Stripe Matching with Knit Fabrics

I'm a self-proclaimed non-perfectionist. I don't necessarily think perfectionism is a good or bad trait, I just have never possessed it. My sloppy handwriting, erroneous use of commas, and the state of my living room tell this story. But that doesn't mean I don't value attention to detail. And the older I get, I certainly enjoy doing things the right way. But if there's a small error here or . . .

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Fabric Batch #003: Birch

Indiesew Fabric Batch #003: Birch

I had a yearlong stint in high school where I really loved to wear all brown things, but besides that brief obsession, earth tones haven’t really been my jam. I tend to prefer dark, saturated colors and neutrals. And I could wear grey seven days a week. But then I sourced the five fabrics that make up our newest fabric batch and I may, in fact, be an earth-tones convert. Birch, our third fabric . . .

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