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Five Cutting Tools Every Sewist Should Own | Five Cutting Tools Every Sewist Should Own

I often take for granted that my love for sewing is due, in large part, to my mom’s enthusiasm for the hobby. She’s been sewing most of her life, and her hobby has ranged from sewing doll clothes, to tailored garments, and now to art quilting. She’s a walking sewing encyclopedia and she's often the first place I start my research for any given blog topic.   Having such a fantastic resource means . . .

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SOTL 2015: The Emily Culottes | Shorts on the Line: Emily Culottes

It’s June and it’s hot, hot, hot. Luckily, it’s also Shorts on the Line  month hosted by Imagine Gnats! All month long, Rachael has been providing shorts sewing inspiration on her blog. Plus she's hosting a good-natured competition over at Kollabora . We’re a prize sponsor (check out the amazing prizes  up for grabs!) and so happy to be involved in this fun event.   I wanted to create something . . .

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Meet the Designer: Whitney Deal

Meet the Indiesew Designer | Whitney Deal, Designer of the Mercer Tunic

She's educated in fashion design, had a successful career as a wedding dress designer, and has settled into her passion of designing sewing patterns. Whitney Deal, one of Indiesew's newest designers, is a creative force to be reckoned with. But let me back up. Today we're kicking off our new blog series called Meet the Designer. From time to time, we'll be featuring the lovely ladies who create . . .

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Ten Tips for a More Functional Sewing Space | Ten Tips for a More Functional Sewing Space

UPDATE: This post was written in 2015, and though Indiesew HQ has moved several times since then the guidelines in this post still hold true for how we go about designing our sewing space. In fact, this post has become our most popular blog post on the Indiesew blog! For some time now, I’ve wanted to give you a peek at Indiesew HQ and where I spend my time sewing, blogging and writing emails. But . . .

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How to Sew a Simple Summer Scarf

I’ve recently developed an emotional death-grip on my scarf wearing habit. A sort of dependency on rectangles of fabric worn around my neck, if you will. Wearing scarves makes me happy, they balance out my narrow shoulders and I feel good wearing them.   So there’s no way I’m going to let a little hot weather get between me and my scarves. Summer scarves are my new thing, as evidenced by every . . .

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Fabric Files: Crepe

Writing these fabric files posts has been a crash course in fabric 101. Before starting Indiesew, admittedly I knew only if a fabric was a knit or a woven. And back then I referred to all knit fabrics as jersey. I had no idea what words like slub , hand , or weft  meant. I didn’t know a thing about how fiber breakdown of a certain fabric would affect how comfortable or durable a garment would be. . . .

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Introducing the Indiesew Fabric Shop

Introducing the Indiesew Fabric Shop |

We’ve been hinting at a rather big, life-changing announcement for weeks now. We even let the secret slip to a few of you out of pure giddiness. For over a year, Indiesew has offered only indie sewing patterns and we've had a blast doing it. We are so inspired seeing what you create, and we love offering tips and tricks that might make your hobby a bit easier.   But over the last twelve months a . . .

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