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How to Turn Fabric Tubes the Easy Way

Indiesew Tutorials | How to Turn Small Fabric Tubes the Easy Way

This summer, I've been turning a lot of itsy-bitsy little fabric tubes right side out. I sewed this  Ogden Cami slip dress and the  silk Ogden Cami you see in this post. And I quickly started to get  really frustrated with the process of trying to shove a long strip of fabric through a 3/8" opening. If you've been there, you know. My methods for turning tubes of fabric have run the gamut. In the . . .

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How to Mashup the Birkin Flares and Ginger Jeans | How to Mashup the Birkin Flares and Ginger Jeans

Once, many years ago, I owned a single pair of painted-on true black skinny jeans that I wore constantly. I think they came from a fashion subscription box, long before I was sewing most of my own clothes, and were a brand I had never heard of.  I’ve been dreaming about recreating them ever since they completely wore out, except this time with a super high rise. So, when  Blackbird Fabrics had a . . .

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