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Indiesew's 10 Most Popular Patterns in 2015

Indiesew | Top Ten Most Popular Sewing Patterns for 2015

This year was monumental for the indie sewing community. We saw several talented indie designers enter the industry, all from varied backgrounds and training. Several stellar, bulletproof patterns were launched. In 2015, indie designers earned a reputation among sewists everywhere for creating wearable, quality designs. I couldn’t be happier about that. I’m a data and analytics nerd, so I thought . . .

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Indiesew's 2015 Year in Review | 2015 Annual Report

2015 has been quite the year for Indiesew. This was our second year as a live website and the year we felt like the online sewing community wholeheartedly embraced our mission. I never could have imagined the amount of work that was accomplished this year and the strides our little company has made. And it's all because of you.   A very special thank you goes out to our prolific sample sewers, . . .

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How to Take Better Care of Your Handmade Clothes | How to Take Better Care of Your Handmade Garments

Last week, I pulled my favorite Beatrix  blouse out of the dryer and instantly started muttering four letter words. My lovely rayon shirt had inadvertently made a trip through a hot tumble dry cycle, when I’d normally line dry it. Now my beloved top is easily an inch or two shorter than before and my heart is a little bit broken. Most handmade garments require a serious time commitment to sew. . . .

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Indiesew's 2015 Handmade Gifting Guide

Indiesew | 2015 Holiday Handmade Gifting Guide

My typical holiday gifting M.O. is to start thinking about Christmas gifts around December 1st. On December 10th I start gathering supplies with lofty hopes of making every gift by hand. And by December 15th I’ve abandoned 90% of my handmade gifting plans and have braved the shopping crowds. But this holiday season has been an unusual one in our household. My guy and I started planning AND making . . .

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Introducing Fabric Batch #005: Lumberjill

Indiesew Fabric Batch | Lumberjill

After the summer of no air conditioning, I’m truly enjoying the cold temperatures Colorado has been delivering. We’re cheap, so we keep our house thermostat around 58 degrees. I pack all of your fabric and pattern orders in an unheated, unattached garage. So my motto this winter has been “layer up.” And plaid flannels have the perfect fabric to get the job done. Not to mention, I feel like a . . .

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How to Sew Partial Plackets The Easy Way

Indiesew Sewing Tutorials | How to Sew Partial Plackets

The trouble I have with sewing partial plackets lies entirely in my inaccurate pressing skills. On most plackets, tiny little seam allowances must be tucked and ironed arrow straight for a placket to look finished and professional. If a placket ends in a fancy diamond shape with even fancier topstitching, I’m basically a goner. And if I’m working with anything other than a stable cotton, the . . .

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