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Win a Gift Card to Transform your Closet!


The New Year is creeping every closer! In fact, in just three days, we'll be firmly planted in 2015 with lofty goals to make this one the best year yet. Maybe this is the year you downsize your fabric stash or learn to sew a blind hem. Maybe you're ready to explore your personal style and start sewing your own clothing. If the idea of sewing everything you wear bounces around inside your head . . .

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A Handmade Holiday: Senna Tote + Giveaway!

A Handmade Holiday: Senna Tote |

UPDATE: The Senna Tote is now discontinued on Indiesew. You can purchase the pattern here . I’ve had my eye on a certain tote pattern for quite some time now. When I first heard about the Senna Tote designed by LBG Studio for Willow & Co., I knew I needed it. Before the hundreds of Senna creations started appearing on sewing blogs everywhere, I was certain that this sewing pattern was destined . . .

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Five Sewing Goals for 2015 | Five Sewing Goals for 2015

I'm having an incredibly hard time summing up this past year, especially when I'm reflecting on my creative endeavors. I think it’s partly because time flies when you’re doing what you love. So despite the fact that I made more items of clothing this year than I have in my entire life, I felt as though I spent literally just minutes behind my sewing machine. In the last 365 days Steve and I dove . . .

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A Handmade Holiday: Envelope Clutch + Giveaway!

Indiesew Handmade Holiday | The Envelope Clutch Sewing Pattern by Noodlehead

We’re just a mere ten days away from Christmas, and if you haven’t started sewing your handmade gifts ( me), fret not! There’s still ample time to make something totally impressive for your favorite people. Today is a special Handmade Holiday giveaway, because the pattern we’re featuring and its designer are brand new to the Indiesew shop! Yessiree, Noodlehead’s awesome accessories . . .

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How to Sew With Pom Pom Fringe

How to Sew with Pom Pom Fringe | Indiesew Tutorial

While not very technical, a tutorial on sewing with pom pom fringe had to be written. You will, no doubt, go through a pom-pom phase and we hope this quick reference provides just the guidance you need to kick off your obsession. I’m in the thick of my pom pom fringe phase right now and those cheerful balls of fiber are bringing me so much joy. My first foray into pom pom fringe was just a few . . .

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A Handmade Holiday: Scarves & Cowls + Giveaway!

A Handmade Holiday: Scarves and Cowls |

We're one week closer to the holidays and you may be feeling a bit of a time crunch. We totally understand, this time of year can be insanity. But giving handmade gifts doesn't have to contribute to your overall feeling of busyness. In fact, sewing up your Christmas presents can actually be theraputic during such a chaotic few weeks. Luckily we have just the sewing pattern that will result in . . .

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Introducing Named Clothing

Introducing Named Clothing | Scandinavian Sewing Patterns at

You could say I have a bit of an obsession over Scandinavian style. Danish furniture makes me drool. I could browse photos of Swedish architecture for hours . And of late, I’ve discovered I have a total weakness for Finnish fashion. If you haven't yet jumped on the Named Clothing train, you're missing out. Plus, their last collection was shot in the company of three majestic wolves. Wolves! I'm . . .

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A Handmade Holiday: The Retro Rucksack + Giveaway!


We know how good it feels to give and receive handmade gifts. So much sentimental value is wrapped up in something you made especially for someone you love. So much so, that both the gift giver and receiver can’t help but feel like they just won the damn lottery. It's true. So we’re starting a new series today, folks. With 23 days until Christmas, we’re launching A Handmade Holiday right here on . . .

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