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Seven Steps to Start Your Sewing Hobby

Seven Steps to Start Your Sewing Hobby |

I hear it all the time from my non-sewing friends. Things like, “I have an old sewing machine in the back of my closet, I should really start sewing again.” Or, “I love browsing all the new indie patterns. It really makes me want to get back into sewing.” Or the dreaded, “I really want to learn to sew. I’m just not that crafty/creative/patient.” I get it, I totally do. Starting a new hobby is . . .

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How to Sew a Double Fold Hem | How to Sew a Double Fold Hem (Plus, an alternative method!)

Today's tutorial is all about double fold hems. What is a double fold hem? Well it’s a very basic way to finish the bottoms of shirts, pants, shorts and skirts. This post will lead you through the process of how to sew a double fold hem, while pointing out a few alternatives you might want to try.    Basic Double Fold Hem First, get yourself a  seam gauge if you don’t already have one. It will . . .

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New Indiesew Designer: Dog Under My Desk


Ah, the zippered pouch. Such a satisfying sew. A great handmade gift. An item you’ll use over and over. Totally functional. My favorite Christmas gift to date is the zippered make up bag my sister sewed up nearly five years ago. It still warms my heart every single time I use it. In fact, it’s no wonder sewing studios everywhere offer the zippered pouch as a great introductory class to sewing. . . .

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How We Wear It: The Alder Skirt by Imagine Gnats | How We Wear It: The Alder Skirt by Imagine Gnats

Today’s How We Wear It post has been a long time coming and is one that I’m so excited to share with you! Life has been getting hectic, and this post has been in the back of my mind on an almost constant basis. I’m not sure why it’s stuck with me for so long. Maybe it’s because I love this skirt more than any other skirt in my closet right now. Maybe it’s because I just love Rachael from Imagine . . .

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Why I Sew Blog | Why I Sew

It’s been a very introspective couple of weeks for me. With long drives and lots of quiet time, I've recently been able to think more about how I want to live. About what I want to share with the world and how, without a doubt, sewing has to be front and center. About how to feel productive, and get shit done. I want to make waves in the sewing world, without overturning anyone’s boat. It’s . . .

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Tips for Better Topstitching

Tips for Better Topstitching |

I’m back from my 2+ week vacation and I am in full on productive mode. My sewing machine is back from the repair shop, I've got fabric ordered and on its way, and I'm ready to make some stuff. Until then, you get tutorials! Topstitching is a relatively easy concept, even for a beginner. Topstitching, by definition, is a straight stitch used near garment edges such as necklines and hems, often to . . .

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Five Sewing Techniques to Master for Perfect Garments

Five Sewing Techniques to Master for Perfect Garments |

Sewing has been a long, winding journey for me as I’m sure it has been for you. At age seven, my mom plopped me in front of a sewing machine and lovingly coached me through the construction of a lap quilt that would take me over six years to finish. Back then, the thought of sewing endless tiny pieces of fabric together to form a blanket didn’t click with me. In fact, it totally turned me off of . . .

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