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Win a Gift Card to Transform your Closet!

By Allie

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The New Year is creeping every closer! In fact, in just three days, we'll be firmly planted in 2015 with lofty goals to make this one the best year yet. Maybe this is the year you downsize your fabric stash or learn to sew a blind hem. Maybe you're ready to explore your personal style and start sewing your own clothing.

If the idea of sewing everything you wear bounces around inside your head occasionally, it might be time to start working toward that goal. As your sewing skills improve the idealist vision of a handmade wardrobe can start to appear more realistic. As you master different fabrics, there's no reason why sewing all of your own clothing can't happen. Suddenly the goal of redefining your personal style is totally attainable!

We want to encourage these endeavors. Today, over at Sew Mama Sew we're showing you 10 Tips to Transition to a (Mostly) Handmade Wardrobe. The process can be straightforward and fun, as long as you provide the framework to take a hard look at what you really, truly love to wear and what clothing makes you think, "eh, it's okay, I guess".

To help one lucky person transition to a handmade wardrobe, we're giving away a $25 Indiesew gift card today, right here! The gift card can be used on any product in the Indiesew shop and will never expire. Simply enter below by 10pm on January 2nd, no commenting, sharing or reposting required!

We'll announce the winner on Friday, January 2nd on our Facebook and Instagram profiles. Make sure you're following to find out if you've won!

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