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Top Five Cozy Pullover Sewing Patterns for Fall

By Allie

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This week in Colorado we abruptly transitioned from a very hot summer to winter weather in the span of about 24 hours. As snow fell from the sky yesterday morning, I realized that it's time to pull out the cozy knit pullovers and work them into my wardrobe once again.

As I pulled on my Toaster Sweater #1 (seen above) this morning, I realized that we've never done a roundup post of our favorite cozy knit pullover sewing patterns. The list below contains our favorite, tried-and-true designs that I find myself reaching for again and again.


Ali Sweatshirt by Sew DIY

Just released last month, the Ali Sweatshirt by Sew DIY is a cropped knit sweatshirt with a drop shoulder and a shoulder yoke. The shoulder has a fun center back seam for visual interest. This version is sewn in our sold-out Apple Red French Terry, which we're working to restock!


Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studio

The Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studio is a crowd favorite with its slightly scooped neckline and two length options. Even better, this design can be sewn in thicker sweatshirt knits or with lighter-weight jerseys for ultimate versatility.


Tallinn Sweater by Hey June

The Tallinn Sweater by Hey June has a cozy cowl neckline and an asymmetrical overlapping front bodice. This drop-sleeve is ideal when sewn in mid- to heavy-weight knits with some drape.


Toaster Sweater #1 by Sew House Seven

One of my favorite pullovers to wear is the Toaster Sweater #1 by Sew House Seven. This semi-cropped, raglan sweater or sweatshirt also has a cowl neckline and wide cuffs and waistband.


Sloane Sweatshirt by Named Clothing

Named Clothing has taken the basic sweatshirt up a notch with French darts. The Sloane Sweatshirt is a bit more fitted than other designs on this list and pairs beautifully with jeans and sneakers for a casual look.

What's great about these designs is that they're quick to sew! In a matter of a few hours you'll have a cozy new top to wear all fall and winter and long. Check out all of our pullover sewing patterns and these tutorials to help you sew your own:

Happy pullover sewing! 

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