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Three Tips for Perfect Fitting No Sweat Pants

By Allie

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The No Sweat Pants sewing pattern was an obvious choice for the 2018 Seamly Spring Collection for many reasons. First, this design is very beginner friendly. Someone who is totally new to sewing with knits can absolutely tackle the No Sweat Pants, no problem.

Second, the No Sweat Pants sew up in a snap! If you have a serger, you can easily sew a pair from start to finish in a few hours. They’re the perfect instant gratification project. And they’re ideal for batch sewing.

And finally, they’re a low yardage sewing project, requiring just 1.75 yards (1.6 meters) of 60” fabric. Realistically, you can have a new pair of lounge pants with an investment of $20 in supplies and two hours of your time. That’s the ultimate sewing win in our book!

Because this pattern is the most accessible of the three in the collection, we wanted to offer a few tips and tricks for sewing a pair of perfect fitting No Sweat Pants the first time.

Follow the three guideposts below and you’ll find that multiple muslins are totally unnecessary for this project:


Fabric Selection

The type of fabric you choose for the No Sweat Pants will make a huge difference in the final fit of the garment. Because this design is a mashup between leggings and joggers, they’re designed with no ease through the hips and thighs. In other words, they’re designed to be skin-tight in those areas.
 Rayon Spandex No Sweat Pants |

The sample above is sewn in our Light Peach Rayon Spandex fabric that has 70% four-way stretch. You can see how well this fabric hugs and moves with the body. Any of our performance knits would also work well if you like this leggings-type fit through the hips and thighs.
 French Terry No Sweat Pants |

But the No Sweat Pants certainly don’t have to be worn snug on the body. You can size up and use a fabric with a bit less stretch and just two-way stretch for a jogger look.

The No Sweat Pants seen above are sewn one full size larger than the model’s measurements and using our Cyan Blue French Terry. That fabric has about 40% crosswise stretch and 20% lengthwise stretch. You can see that the fit is relaxed through the hips and thighs.

Please note: The No Sweat Pants will tend to stretch out with wear around the hips and thighs depending on the recovery of your fabric. If you’re looking for a leggings-type fit, use a performance knit fabric with excellent recovery.


Size Selection

The No Sweat Pants have no ease through the hips and thighs, meaning the finished garment measurements of the pants are equal to the size chart measurements. For example, if your hips measure 38", the size medium will fit snug around your hips.

No Sweat Pants Pocket |

Alternatively, you can size down if you'd like a garment with negative ease. If your fabric has at least 60% stretch, the pants should still fit comfortably even though the finished garment measurements will be smaller than your body's measurements.

No Sweat Pants Size Chart | Seamly Sewing Pattern

And you can absolutely size up for a more relaxed fit through the hips and thighs. An extra inch of ease through the hips will create a relaxed, slouchy look, similar to traditional joggers.



The No Sweat Pants are drafted for someone who is 5’6” tall and are designed to have a bit of fabric pooling above the cuffs. The inseam (including the cuff) for all sizes is 29" (73.7 cm)

No Sweat Pants Cuffs | Lengthen or Shorten

If you are shorter or taller than 5’6” (167.6 cm), it’s easy to adjust the pattern for your height using the lengthen/shorten lines.

Lengthen or Shorten your No Sweat Pants

Just remember, don’t simply shorten or lengthen the pattern by the number of inches you are shorter or taller than 5’6”. Your height difference is likely evenly distributed through your torso and legs, so we recommending adjusting the pattern by half of the difference between your height and 5’6”.

These three factors will be the most important to achieving a great fit for your No Sweat Pants. After you've sewn a pair, we'd love to see them! Upload your No Sweat Pants creation and share some inspiration with the sewing world.

Happy sewing!

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