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The Pleated Pencil Skirt: Inside and Out

By Allie

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The Pleated Pencil Skirt by Delia Creates | Indiesew Winter Collection

The Arctic Blast has arrived here in the US and I’m more than happy to be snuggled up in the Indiesew HQ blogging, sewing and taking photos. I’m totally giddy about today's post, in part because I’m so incredibly proud of something I sewed, but also because the world needs to know more about the Pleated Pencil Skirt by Delia Creates. This longtime blogger and brand new designer made the online sewing community's jaw drop with her first women's sewing pattern. I can’t wait to show you why.

If you haven’t heard all the hub-bub yet, the Indiesew Winter Collection has launched and the Pleated Pencil Skirt is one of the foundation patterns within the bundle. I’ve had my eye on this pattern since it launched, knowing it would be perfect for the Winter Collection. Pencil skirts are such a great wardrobe basic that can be worn year round and they flatter most body types. The Pleated Pencil Skirt is all of that and more.

Pattern Details

Pleated Pencil Skirt Sewing Pattern | Indiesew Blog

The Pleated Pencil Skirt is a high-waisted fitted skirt. For most women around 5’5” tall, you can expect the skirt to fall right at knee-length. If you’re taller or shorter than 5’5”, the pattern has detailed instructions for shortening or lengthening the skirt. It should be noted that this sewing pattern contains just two pattern pieces! That means minimal printing, taping, tracing and cutting. Thank you, Delia.

For any fitted sewing pattern, I always recommend sewing a muslin (a test version in muslin or other inexpensive fabric) before cutting into expensive fabric. This skirt is no exception and will be well worth the extra effort.


Like most fitted skirts, the Pleated Pencil skirt features two front darts and two back darts to provide shape around our hips and butts. The dart placement was spot-on for my pear shaped body.

Darts on the Pleated Pencil Skirt | Sewing Pattern by Delia Creates

Kick Pleat

One of the most unique features of the Pleated Pencil Skirt, and the origin of the pattern name, is no doubt the rear kick pleat. I’d guess that most women have had a run in with a pencil skirt that was impossible to walk in, purely because the circumference of the skirt around the knees was just way too small. Delia’s kick pleat allows for easy movement with this fun, unexpected detail. Plus, kick pleat is fun to say and even more fun to sew. You’ll see.

Pencil Skirt Kick Pleat | The Pleated Pencil Skirt

Invisible Zipper

The invisible zipper, sigh. I just love these things. I just recently mastered the invisible zipper, and now I want to put one in everything. The Pleated Pencil Skirt’s zipper runs up the side of the skirt and is completely concealed. The fabric I sewed my skirt in was a bit heavier than recommended, hence there was a bit of bulk right around the waistband seam making it a bit hard to zip up initially. But the more I use the zipper, the easier it is to pull up and down.

Pencil Skirt Invisible Zipper | Indiesew Winter Collection

Full Lining

Ah, this detail is arguably the best part of this entire pattern. The Pleated Pencil Skirt is completely, and totally lined with zero raw fabric edges showing from the inside. This pattern feature nearly always blows my mind, leaving me thinking, “How is that possible?!”. But alas, it is possible, and will have you beaming with pride as you finish up your skirt. What’s even better, this lining is sewn in entirely with your machine. No hand sewing makes me so happy.

Pleated Pencil Skirt Lining | Sewing Pattern by Delia Creates

Fabric Recommendations

Delia recommends using light to midweight apparel fabrics for this pattern. Suiting, chambray, linen, or wool would produce great results! I chose this denim from Imagine Gnats, and decided after much deliberation to use the wrong side of the fabric as the visible fabric. I am so happy with that decision, as the wrong side has a bit of slub that makes this skirt one that can be easily dressed up or down. For the lining I used a lightweight purple polyester that was very silky and had great drape.

Denim Fabric from Imagine Gnats | Pleated Pencil Skirt: Inside and Out

Wearing Your Pleated Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are quite possibly the easiest wardrobe item to style, next to a pair of skinny jeans. That’s because nearly any shirt tucked into them looks great!

How to Wear the Pleated Pencil Skirt |

I’m currently loving the dressed down pencil skirt trend, like this. With a Lane Raglan and Cowl Scarf paired with your Pleated Pencil Skirt you’ll be totally pulling off that dressed-up-dressed-down look.

If you need more pencil skirt inspiration, head on over to our Winter Collection Lookbook to see more. Also, check out what Indiesew creators are making by browsing the Pleated Pencil Skirt Creations. Make sure you’re following our board on Pinterest for daily sewing inspiration!

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