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Tara's Tencel Top

By Tara E.

Fashion designer, sewer, vintage lover, and vegetarian extraordinaire! Follow my creations and more over here.

Tara's Textured Tencel Top |

The weather is beginning to change, and with this seasonal transition comes a heightened sense of awareness in regards to my spaces. As I am beginning to spend more time indoors, I have noticed something: I am beginning to accumulate way too much stuff. Too many beauty products, too much fabric left over from college projects, and definitely WAY too many clothes.

Throughout college, I prided myself in being darn-near close to a minimalist. I was an avid follower of Project 333 and capsule wardrobes. However, post-grad after snagging a pretty cool design gig, I began to lose my focus.

Ryan Top Sewing Pattern | Tara's Tencel Top

Getting paid to absorb trends all day is amazing - but it is also incredibly distracting. Although I was slightly unaware of it at the time, when I started my “big girl” job, I began to attempt to reinvent myself. With that came some shaky decision making as it related to apparel purchases.

Well, over a year has gone by in my no-longer-new job in this no-longer-new city, and I’ve slowly returned to who I once was: a little more confident in myself, my style, and my values. I went through my wardrobe and whittled it down to about 60% of what it had been previously, and I think I could keep going. At this point, I am ready to sell and donate this first batch, then I will go back in for round two. 

As I am on this journey towards solidifying my personal style, it has also been a goal of mine to try to sew more for myself. Before graduating, I had spent far too many nights sweating, crying, and sometimes literally bleeding in the sewing lab at my university - fashion majors everywhere, unite! I knew I wanted to utilize this skill while building my perfect wardrobe and celebrate sewing as more of a relaxing pastime versus it only being a painful means to an end. 

Textured Tencel Fabric | Top sewn by Tara E.

Now that I have settled into my personal style a little more, I am the queen of coveting items before I pull the purchase trigger. I have a secret Pinterest board called Shopping List where everything I’m eyeing gets dumped before I make a decision - everything from housewares, to salons and services, to socks. This has helped me to concentrate on what is most important to me in the items and experiences I choose to bring into my life. 

For apparel, I’m laser focused on:

  1. Fabrication
  2. Fit
  3. Versatility


Being able to sew has really helped me fill in the holes of my wardrobe rather than settle on pieces I don't love 100%. I love sitting down, sketching for myself, cruising around town to cute fabric shops, creating one-of-a-kind dyes, and overall just being super selfish with design. It's sort of a form of self care!

Textured Tencel Fabric |

I was super excited to find a few amazing Tencel jacquards (olive green used here) here on Indiesew. Although I did minor in Sustainability in school, you don’t need a minor to know how amazing Tencel is as a sustainable fiber. It’s soft, breathable, and made in a closed-loop system. Really, it checks all the boxes. 

Ryan Top by Whitney Deal | Tara's Tencel Top

I also love this Ryan Top pattern created by Whitney Deal. It’s a seasonless body with a comfortable and effortless ease to it. Absolutely a staple in my wardrobe. 

The pattern was easy to print, cut, and follow along with. It’s definitely something you can whip up in a few hours during a cozy, fall weekend. I highly recommend you do it while listening to a chill podcast or taking breaks every once in a while to dance to some tunes. I can neither confirm nor deny this is what I did, but you will just have to trust my advice. 

Tara's Tencel Top | Indiesew Blog

Tara's Tencel Top | Fashion Illustration

Overall, I’m so incredibly pleased with this new addition to my wardrobe. She has several reasons to be, and that is so important when it comes to building a curated closet. Here’s to staying focused, confident, and thoughtful!

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