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How We Wear It: Summertime Striped Beatrix Blouse

By Aimee Elise

I’m Aimee. When I’m not sitting at my sewing machine, I’m most likely working as a microbiologist. I enjoy reading, outdoor adventures, and saying yes to amazing experiences.

Striped Beatrix Blouse | Indiesew Blog

The summer solstice was just last week, but here it’s felt like full-on summer for at least a month. We’ve had a lot of sunshine and relentless 80 and 90 degree days and luckily, living in Colorado, not a lot of humidity.

I currently have a lot of tank tops in my wardrobe but not a lot of short-sleeved summery tops that are nice for air-conditioned offices or a day that’s not quite so hot. I decided to scroll through my Indiesew Wish List, which is such a great feature and keeps my random sticky note lists to a minimum, to see if there’d be anything that would fit the bill. Beatrix by Made by Rae had been on my Wish List for some time, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

 Beatrix Blouse by Made By Rae | Orange Striped Fabric

This was my first time sewing a Made By Rae pattern and I was really impressed with the quality of detail. The instructions were chock full of tips and hints and even include an appendix on a variety of methods to finish seams. The pattern includes two views; I sewed up View A, which includes multiple sleeve-lengths.

Beatrix Blouse | Back Button Placket

My favorite part of the shirt however is the back! Both views have a button placket back which I absolutely love because I think it’s an unexpected detail on this shirt.

Based on my measurements I was tempted to sew an XS and grade out through the hip but ended up sewing a straight size small because I didn’t want any gaping when I moved my shoulders at the button placket.

French Seams | Beatrix Blouse by Made By Rae

I wish I could say that I always take the most care when finishing seams on clothing I make, but honestly I often don’t. I typically just serge my seams and call it good. Occasionally, when I’m making something for someone else or if it’s an item that I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of, I take that extra time.

I took extra time here and finished with French seams everywhere except for the sleeve to armscye pieces where I didn’t want a lot of bulk. I will say that taking extra care with seam finishes makes me slow down when I’m sewing and pay more attention to detail.

Curved Hem | Sewing Patterns at Indiesew

Case in point: this curved hem is probably one of the best I’ve ever sewn. I took my time, pressed the seam allowances, used an excessive amount of pins. The result is a hem with no puckers or gathers. I’ve already worn this shirt twice since making it and I know it will be in constant rotation. I might have to whip up another soon. Here’s to keeping cool!

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