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Stretch Denim and Jeans Kits are Here!

By Allie

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Indiesew Fabric Shop | Handmade Jean Supplies

Last week, I hinted about stretch denim and jeans kits that would soon make their way into the Indiesew Fabric Shop. Well, today’s the day folks! All things relating to handmade dungarees have arrived! 

The release of the Birkin Flares sewing pattern ignited a tangible desire to sew jeans among the global sewing community. In my opinion, there's not another project that is as confidence-boosting as DIY jeans. Plus, there are few garments in my wardrobe that get as much wear as my blue jeans. So we're bringing you the supplies to get started on your own jeans-sewing journey! Let's see what's landed in the Indiesew Fabric Shop:


Stretch Denim

Our stretch denim is overstock, or surplus, fabric that comes from the LA Fashion District. That means that this denim likely came from a domestic jeans designer. From my experience, it's higher quality and more suited for women's jeans than what you'd find at your big box fabric retailer. 


Dark Indigo Stretch Denim Fabric

Our Dark Indigo 10 oz Denim is sold by the yard and also stocked in our jeans kits (Yes, kits! More on that below). It weighs in at 10 ounces and has roughly 10% stretch, which I find is perfect for the Birkin Flares. It’s a very dark, indigo blue color, similar to the color denim you often see designer jeans sewn in.

Light blue 10.5 oz selvage denim

Light Blue Selvage Denim | Made in Japan

I couldn’t resist snatching up this Light Blue 10.5 oz Selvage Denim, because I think it’d make an awesome pair of 70's inspired jeans. This Japanese denim is just 31.5" wide and the selvage of the denim is intended to be left intact in the straight seams of your handmade jeans. Check out this video to learn more about sewing with selvage denim (a great description starts at 1:15).

Don't forget to order double the yardage your pattern calls for when ordering this narrow fabric!  

Indigo 10.5 oz textured stretch denim

Indigo Textured Stretch Denim

Similar in color and weight to our Dark Indigo 10 oz Denim, this Textured Stretch Denim has a bit less stretch. Denim with less than 10% stretch is ideal for men’s jeans or for a pair of less-fitted, boyfriend jeans. This fabric has a subtle slub texture running parallel to the selvage.



Jeans Kits

A common frustration I hear from jeans-loving sewists is sourcing the right kind of denim and hardware. Many small independent fabric stores and big box retailers don’t carry some of the necessary supplies needed. So I’ve put together kits for those who are ready to tackle handmade dungarees, but aren't interested in tracking down the hard-to-find supplies.

Handmade Jeans Kits | Available at Indiesew

Each DIY Stretch Denim Jeans Kit includes supplies to make one pair of jeans, with extra hardware for practice. The contents are:

  • Three (3) yards of our Dark Indigo 10 oz Stretch Denim
  • One (1)  7” jeans zipper (a tutorial on how to shorten a metal zipper is coming soon!)
  • Two (2)  nickel jeans buttons with posts
  • Ten (10) nickel rivets with posts (this video shows you how to attach this type of rivet)

Please note: We did not include topstitching thread or needles in these kits, as these items depend largely on personal preference and often are already in most sewist's stashes.  Your local fabric store will likely have these in stock. Read the supply list on your pattern carefully before starting your project.

Indiesew Blog | Stretch Denim

Jeans Hardware | DIY Jeans

Each kit is priced at $40, which is a savings of 20% over the individual value of each item. Like all of our physical products, jeans kits are shipped via USPS Priority or Priority International and will arrive on your doorstep in just a few days. 

If you’re still on the fence about sewing your own jeans, check out our Jamie Jeans Sewalong. This ten-part, detailed series will lead you through each step of jeans making. The Jamie Jeans are pictured left below.

And of course, check out the Birkin Flares (pictured right below) in the 2016 Spring Collection! The instructions of this pattern make sewing your own jeans a total breeze. 

Birkin Flares + Jamie Jeans | Indiesew DIY Fashion

Happy jeans sewing!

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