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Spoonflower Cotton Lawn + Shearwater Kaftan

By Allie

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Spoonflower Cotton Lawn Shearwater Kaftan |
I’ve had an intense love for geometric, repeating patterns since I was little. My doodling has never been whimsical, flowery, or early-2000’s-bubble-lettery. I’ve always loved squares and triangles, and any design repeat I could make with those shapes. 
In my early twenties I discovered screen printing at a Modern Domestic workshop. And as a side affect, I fell in love with designing my own repeating patterns. While others in the class were sketching intricate flowers, I was placing geometric leaves in a swiss repeat. When I learned how to use Photoshop and Illustrator just a few years later, it’s what I spent my free time doing. Surface design is my jam.
So when Spoonflower approached me to try out their new cotton lawn substrate, I jumped at the chance to design my own print. I began with some random doodling that I scanned into illustrator. Then I went to town moving things around and getting my repeat nailed down. It took hours, probably four or five. Serious props to those of you who design fabric as their career.
But deciding on a color was the hardest part. My three final color choices are pictured below.
Color choices for the fabric |
I'm a navy blue girl, through and through. But I wanted this summertime top to have some color, and I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, so it was nixed early on. The salmon color was the final contender with the seafoam blue-green. In a hasty I-just-need-to-make-a-decision moment, I settled on the latter. I’m so glad I did.
So, let’s talk a little bit about this fabric. If you haven’t heard of Spoonflower, they’re a great company offering design your own fabric (or wallpaper, gift wrap, etc.) services. If you’re not keen on designing your own print, there are a TON of designs to shop from some great surface designers. Take a look here.
Spoonflower’s new Cotton Lawn Ultra is the newest addition to their current fabric substrates. It’s breezy but not as sheer as voile. It’s slightly crisp, making it super easy to sew with. It’s soft drape makes it ideal for dresses and blouses. It has a bit more body that rayon challis, but drapes more than quilting cotton. Overall, I’m completely sold on this fabric.
I was so smitten with the quality that I've made this design available for purchase on the Spoonflower site in three colors shown above. Check out our Spoonflower shop!
Close up of Spoonflower Cotton Lawn fabric |
Once I submitted my design and the lawn arrived on my doorstep, there was no question what I would make with it. I’ve been meaning to sew my own Shearwater Kaftan for months now. I love the simple design of this top, and I’ve been needing more long-sleeved, breezy shirts in my wardrobe. My paler than pale skin appreciates a layer of fabric during the summer.
The Shearwater Kaftan |
The Shearwater Kaftan by Make it Perfect is a loose-fitting blouse with sleeve tabs and a front placket. The side slits provide an easy fit whether you’re wearing it as a swim suit cover-up or with your favorite shorts. The design works well with lightweight woven fabrics. Enter this lovely Spoonflower cotton lawn.
The finished Shearwater Kaftan |
The only modification I made to this pattern was to add a second line of topstitching around the placket to keep it tacked down.
The Shearwater Kaftan by Make it Perfect in Spoonflower fabric |
I sewed the extra-small straight from the pattern and the fit is spot on. There are no darts on this blouse, so if you’re large busted, you might consider making a full bust adjustment.
Spoonflower fabric on a Shearwater Kaftan |
From start to finish he process of designing a fabric print for my own clothing was one of the most satisfying projects I’ve ever been a part of. It’s so fun to see a vision come to fruition, especially when it turns out just exactly as you hoped.
So hop on over to Spoonflower and snag some of this cotton lawn for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how well suited this fabric is for summer garments!
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