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Six Ways to Customize Your Lane Raglan

By Allie

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Six Ways to Customize your Lane Raglan |

Just a quick reminder! Don’t forget to enter the Indiesew Fall Collection Giveaway. You have a chance to win six autumn patterns that mix and match to make a wardrobe (a $45 value!).

It feels a bit odd talking about the Indiesew Fall Collection today, because here in Boulder, CO it’s full on winter. Wet, stinging snow. Below freezing temps. The whole nine yards. It’s weather fit for wool sweaters and proper pants. But tomorrow it’s forecasted to be in the 70’s and by mid-next week we’ll be enjoying 80 degrees again.

I’m okay with such volatile weather, as long as I get to wear my new fall wardrobe to go pick apples at least once before November. As long as I can keep on wearing leggings and long tunics and work with my apartment windows open. Please, fall, just grant me a few more weeks of these pleasures. Please, don’t let me down.

Today I want to talk a little bit about customizing your Lane Raglan to suit your personal style. Yes, I could write a step-by-step tutorial on editing the hem or bringing up the sleeves of your raglan. But to be completely honest, this pattern is one that, for most people, needs zero modifications. Hallelujah. Really, it’s that good.

So instead, I’m going to totally overload you with photos of small details that make these Lane Raglans totally awesome. Let’s take a look:

1. Monochromatic

When I think raglan tee, I envision a contrast sleeve. Always. I have no idea why. Our recent Indiesew creators have proven that a monochromatic Lane Raglan is a wonderful departure from the traditional “softball tee” look. In fact, it’s fantastic! Wear your monochromatic raglan tee with a pencil skirt for that trendy dressed-up-dressed-down look.

Monochromatic Lane Raglans | Blog

Check out Erin's, Lindsey's and Lucinda's creations!

2. Contrast Sleeve

But really, if you’re like me and lean towards a contrast sleeve. I say, go for it. Pair it with jeans and a baseball hat for a sporty look. Or sew up twelve of them for your softball team. You’ll certainly be the most styling team in the league!

Contrast Sleeve Lane Raglan Tees | Indiesew

See how Merrick wears her Lane Raglan and check out Teri's and Victoria's creations!

3. Lace Overlay

I’ve been dreaming of a lace overlay Lane Raglan for months now. And apparently it’s on a few other people’s minds too! Check out how the lovely Juliette showcased a beautiful navy lace over the front panel of her raglan.

Lace Raglan | Creation by Juliette

4. Elbow Patches

Who doesn’t love a good elbow patch? My sister sewed some on her Lane Raglan and the result was charming. Don’t forget to sew your elbow patches onto your sleeves before you sew the sleeve seams! You won't be able to get your sewing machine down the arm if it's already sewn up.

DIY Elbow Patches | Lane Raglan Sewing Pattern

5. Hemline Variations

The standard Lane Raglan comes with a nice wide waistband. But if that’s not your style experiment with different hemline shapes! Here, Monica shaped her hemline into the high-low style. I love this shape for a loungy look, or when you’d like your shirt to cover your backside.

High Low Hem | Six Ways to Customize Your Lane Raglan

6. Neckline Details

Many ready-to-wear sweatshirts have great neck details. That little stitched triangle seen at the center front of so many shirts is an easy feature to add yourself! In this photo, Lindsey simply added a triangle appliqué to the front panel before adding her knit neck binding. | Neck Triangle Appliqué

If you haven’t purchased your copy of the Lane Raglan it’s not too late! At $8 it’s a total steal, and this is one pattern you’ll likely make again and again.

Check back next Monday, when we announce the winner of the Indiesew Fall Collection giveaway!

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