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Selfish Sewing Week: Spring 2015

By Allie

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Selfish Sewing Week Spring 2015 |
Over the last year, we've learned that the cocktail of a person’s sewing preferences varies widely. Maybe you only sew women’s garments. Or maybe you dabble in a bit of garment sewing and also quilting, enjoying the change of pace from project to project. What we do know is that often you get roped into doing a lot of sewing that isn’t always for you.
The point is you’re busy, juggling responsibilities like a pro. You are doing it and doing it damn well. So we think you deserve an entire week to sew whatever the heck you want, just for yourself. It’s called Selfish Sewing Week and this year we’re co-hosts of this fun event with Imagine Gnats and Kollabora!



The Details

Selfish Sewing Week (SSW) Logo |
This year’s spring Selfish Sewing week will take place March 9th through 15th and will feature many fun activities. There will be a full blog hop, with many featured blogger posts right here on the Indiesew blog and also over on Imagine Gnats. Get ready for tons of just-for-you sewing inspiration and a brand new chance to win some great sewing swag!
Kollabora will be hosting a Selfish Sewing Week event where participants can show off their selfish makes. Plus! Here at Indiesew, we'll be hosting a fun challenge! Participants can upload their creations and have the chance to win a sewing-themed prize valued at around $300!



Start Planning

Download the SSW planner below and start brainstorming what you’ll make. Maybe a Emery Dress is calling your name? Or gear up for summer with a new Poolside Tote. Whatever you decide make sure it’s all about you. Gather up your supplies so that on Monday, March 9th you’re ready to sew to your heart’s content.
SSW Spring 2015 Planner |


SSW Button |
Want a button like this one to share on your site to show your support for SSW? Pick the size you need: 250px, 300px or 500px


Selfish Sewing Week Bloggers

And make sure you keep an eye on these bloggers during the week! You’ll be seeing some amazing projects with stunning fabrics that you won’t want to miss.

Imagine Gnats Featured Bloggers

Indiesew Featured Bloggers

Blog Tour Bloggers

We’ll be back in a few weeks with more information! Until then, happy planning and happy sewing!

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