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Selfish Sewing Week: Knitty Bitties

By Andrea of Knitty Bitties

I'm Andrea, a girl doing her best to live with joy {sewing + iced tea} in the every day. You can read more about my creative adventures at

Selfish Sewing Week | Andrea of Knitty Bitties

Hello and Happy Friday! Today's theme is maternity. With just about 8 weeks left in my pregnancy, I'm definitely wearing primarily maternity clothes. With such a small selection of maternity options available + the short amount of time you wear maternity clothes, creating a handmade wardrobe is an excellent choice! I decided to try the Mercer Tunic based primarily on the fact that it's designer, Whitney Deal, created the pattern while she was pregnant. A win-win having a pattern that will work both before, during and after your pregnancy!

Mercer Tunic Sewing Pattern by Whitney Deal

BUT ... can I be honest with you guys? While I am thrilled to be a part of Selfish Sewing Week, I'm feeling rather inadequate with my creation. Sometimes you knock 'em out of the park (like Spring SSW if I can brag about these beauties) and sometimes you strike out. It has less to do with the pattern and more to do with my currently changing body shape, poor choice of fabric and not enough time (or let's be honest desire) to create a muslin to get the size just right. So that being said, having sewn my version of the Mercer Tunic, I do love the pattern. Pregnant or not, tunics + leggings or skinny jeans are my current love language.

Mercer Tunic | Maternity Version

It was an easy sew with great details and professionally finished seams. Had I not been under a tight deadline with a pile of samples to sew, I could have whipped up another in an afternoon.

Bias Detail | Mercer Tunic sewn by Andrea of Knitty Bitties Mercer Tunic Placket Detail |

And really I should have and hope to ... because as you can see, I somehow reversed the tunic along the way and ended up finishing the side seams and hem with the shirt wrong side out (see, even when you sew garments all.the.time you still make rookie mistakes). This is really only noticeable with the placket and thanks to those professional finishes, I think it still works. The biggest issue I have with my creation is that the fit is just 'off.' This is a pattern that you want to fit properly through the chest / shoulders so that you don't end up with the boxy/tent effect I did. The other issue was my choice of fabric. I love this plaid and it has a softer drape than a quilting cotton, but not enough drape to accent my bump rather than enhance it. To summarize, I love this pattern and think that it works fabulously for maternity without any modifications once you have your sizing correct and I would use a fabric with more drape to be flowy, not billowy.

Mercer Tunic Back | Sewing Pattern by Whitney Deal

Pattern: Mercer Tunic Designer: Whitney Deal Size: M // 31 weeks pregnant
Fabric: Plaid, House of Wales (c/o Robert Kaufman) / B&W Gingham bias tape
Modifications: None
Time: 3-4hrs (including piecing digital pattern, cutting pattern & sewing)

Indiesew provided me the Mercer Tunic sewing pattern as part of Selfish Sewing Week, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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