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Selfish Sewing Week is Here!

By Allie

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It’s that time of year again: Selfish Sewing Week is here! We cohost this twice-yearly event with Rachael from Imagine Gnats and it never fails to be inspiring and productive. 

Those who know their way around a sewing machine often choose (or get wrangled) to sew primarily for others. Your kids, your partner, or your friends often receive your handiwork more than you sew for yourself. Not this week. 

From today until Saturday, October 3, it’s all about sewing for YOU. If your threadbare T-shirts need replacing or you’ve been dreaming up a beautiful fitted silk dress, this is the week to make it happen. Dedicate the next six days to being entirely selfish in your sewing hobby: you deserve it! 

You can upload your SSW makes here on Kollabora and gather inspiration from other sewists around the world! As always, Rachael will be hosting a HUGE indie pattern giveaway, so be sure to enter to win some great sewing swag here.
What else is in store this week? A lot, in fact! Both Rachael and I will feature guest bloggers every single day on our own blogs. This season of Selfish Sewing Week we’re trying something new! These guest bloggers will be following a theme. The themes are: 

Monday: Corporate
Tuesday: Seasonal Transition
Wednesday: Workout
Thursday: Fall Dresses
Friday: Maternity
Saturday: Basics

The Indiesew guest blogging schedule is as follows:

9/28: Sherri | Thread Riding Hood
9/29: Kim | Daisy Faye Designs
9/30: Sarah | Lace and Pine
10/1: Beth | Sew DIY
10/2: Andrea | Knitty Bitties
10/3: Tori | The Doing Things Blog


The Imagine Gnats guest bloggers are: 
9/28: Inder | Inder Loves Folk Art
9/29: Ajaire | Call Ajaire
9/29: Jenelle | Echinops and Aster
9/30: Brooke | Oliver’s Fancy
9/30: Melissa | Fehr Trade
10/1: Jo | Dotta
10/1: April | Modern Handmade
10/2: Erin | Erin Always
10/2: Julie | Our Chez Nous
10/3: Alli | More Please Thank You
We’ve also organized a great blog tour for this event. Those ladies will be sewing up whatever they choose for Selfish Sewing Week. Here’s that schedule:
9/28: Priscilla | Fashion & Fishing
9/29: Lucinda | Sew Wrong
9/30: Heather | Feather's Flights
10/1: Abbey | Sew Charleston
10/2: Teri | Fa Sew La
10/3: Jess | La Mercerie

So gather up your supplies and buy those patterns you’ve been eyeing for months. This week will be regenerative, inspiring, and a whole lot of fun. And don't forget to tag your selfish creations with #selfishsewingweek so that we can see them!

Happy selfish sewing!

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