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Selfish Sewing Week Guest Blogger: Lace and Pine

By Lace & Pine Designs

I'm Sarah, a mom to three little ones finding my peace and joy behind the sewing machine. You can see more of my work at

Indiesew Selfish Sewing Week | Lace & Pine

Hi, I’m Sarah and I have a little blog where I share about my sewing creations at Lace & Pine Designs. I am beyond excited to be one of the featured bloggers for this Fall's Selfish Sewing Week! Thank you to Indiesew for allowing me the opportunity!

When I first discovered my theme for the week would be Workout clothes, I was a little nervous. Let's be honest, I have 3 young kids and my workouts consist of an occasional jump (as in maybe 3 times a month) on our home elliptical or a walk around our neighborhood pushing the stroller.

However, I used to be a runner before having kids, so my workout clothes really aren't suited for the type of exercise I do get to do. So, I think it was fate my theme for the week is workout. I'm seeing this as a great opportunity to have something better to wear when going for my walks, because running shorts are just too much and it's hard to walk fast in jeans.

Hudson Pants sewing pattern by True Bias |

I've been eyeing the Hudson Pant pattern by True Bias for some time now. I love the look of track pants, but I'm 5'8" and ready to wear track pants are usually cut for the 5'5" girl. Ankle bands that hit on the lower calf are not flattering and not very comfortable either. Creating a pair of track pants that actually cuff at my ankle was super exciting. 

Lace & Pine | Hudson Pants for Selfish Sewing Week

When looking for the perfect material for these Hudson Pants, I was looking for something not too heavy (I live in Southern California) and something that would move well with me. I found this great Bamboo/spandex knit in heather grey. Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton, so it's a better choice for workout clothes since it will wick away any sweat, keeping you cool and dry. And, of course, the spandex gives it the stretch it needs to move well with your body. I read somewhere to look for something with at least 2% spandex so your workout clothes will have the appropriate recovery. The knit I chose has 5% spandex, so it bounces right back. This material feels so good to wear. It's super soft and almost has a spongy feel.

Hudson Pants | True Bias

Sarah from Lace & Pine | Hudson Pants

I considered getting a fun print for my pants, but since this is my first pair of Hudson Pants, I really wanted to create a good basic pair. At the same time, I had to add a little something to make them more exciting. I decided to use a black and white stripe knit, also a bamboo knit, for accents on the pockets, waistband and a tiny strip down the outside leg seams. I also used a turquoise thread for all my serged seams. Nobody else can see those seams, but when I'm putting the pants on it brings me a little joy to see my favorite cheerful color.

Hudson Pants Pocket Detail |

Hudson Pants Drawstring | Sewing Pattern by True Bias

The pattern was super simple and comes together beautifully. If I hadn't had issues with my serger blade, I probably could have had these sewn up in one night after putting my kids to bed. As a taller girl, I really appreciate the pattern stating where to add the extra inches on the pant leg. I'm 5'8" and I added 3". The outer leg striped accent is not part of the Hudson Pant pattern, but super simple to create. I simply used a strip 7/8" wide by the length of the outer leg. Folded it in half and sandwiched between the leg panels. I'm hoping to make a couple more pairs of these for loungewear. I love how this pattern has the comfort of sweatpants, but a little more style to make them not feel scrubby.

Indiesew Blog | Selfish Sewing Week

Pattern: Hudson Pant
Designer: True Bias
Fabric: Bamboo/Spandex Knit in Heather Grey; Tiny Stripe Bamboo Knit for accents

Sarah from Lace & Pine | Selfish Sewing Week Guest Blogger

Indiesew provided me the Hudson Pants sewing pattern as part of Selfish Sewing Week, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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