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Selfish Sewing Week Challenge Standings

By Allie

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Selfish Sewing Week Challenge Standings |

It's day six of Selfish Sewing Week (cue silent tears). I really do not want this event to end. But it's the weekend, which means there's still ample time to sew even more things for yourself! I anticipate the sewing inspiration to be off the charts the next two days.

We've been quiet this week as the Indiesew blog has been taken over by some fabulous featured stitchers. It's been such a blast to see what patterns and fabrics these ladies chose to create some serious masterpieces. I want all the featured projects. But today, I thought I'd drop in to take a minute to talk about the Selfish Sewing Week Challenge standings.

To be honest, Steve and I weren't sure how many of you would enter. We were worried that maybe nobody would. Not the case, thank goodness. Forty-six of you have submitted your Selfish Sewing Week creations and over 300 of you have voted! The challenge doesn't end until 10pm MST tomorrow night, so things can change quickly, as we've already witnessed. But here's the current state of things.


Currently in 1st Place

Sitting in first place right now is Tonya from Sew So Petite with a beautiful, polka-dot Bombshell swimsuit. In six days she has racked up 159 votes with this lovely handmade item. For her first time sewing swimwear, we say she did a wonderful job! Check out Tonya's Bombshell here

Tonya's Bombshell Swimsuit for Selfish Sewing Week |



Our very own featured blogger, Elise from Sunday Charm is not far behind in second place with 147 votes. Her Shoreline Boat Neck top is super versatile and transitions easily from errand-running to date night. Check out here entry here.

Elise from Sunday Charm's Shoreline Boatneck Tee |



In third place with 95 votes, Amber from Tangible Artiste shows off a stunning, floral Out and About Dress. Sewn up in a maxi length with 3/4 sleeves, we think this dress is perfect for still chilly spring weather. Paired with a leather jacket, this dress looks great! Check out Amber's entry here.

Amber's Out and About Dress for Selfish Sewing Week |


Honorable Mentions

But with forty-six entries, it's hard not to talk about every one of them. You all amaze us! Of course, we think every single entry deserves a special shout out, but here are a few that especially caught our eye. 

Selfish Sewing Week Honorable Mentions |

From left to right, top to bottom the entries can be found here:
1. Elana's Fringed Pencil Skirt, 2. Kristin's Floral Lane Raglan, 3. Katie's Woven Hudson Pants, 4. Lindsay's Perfect Fit Jamie Jeans, 5. Embroidered Alberta St Skirt, 6. Maternity Washi Dress

Just because it's Saturday, that doesn't mean you're out of time to enter this challenge. We've seen some entries amass a stunning amount of votes overnight! If you need to be reminded of why you might want to play along, take a look at the challenge prizes.

Stay tuned, folks. On Monday we'll announce the big winner of the challenge right here on the Indiesew blog! Happy selfish sewing!

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