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Pattern Comparison: Lakeside and Reef Pajamas

By Allie

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I have a confession to make. I've never sewn myself a pair of pajamas. Despite the countless cozy chic loungewear sewing patterns on the market, my sleepwear is pilling t-shirts and my boyfriend's hand-me-down sweatpants.

This summer it was even more apparent that I didn't have any hot weather pajamas. When the temperatures soared to 100 degrees in the daytime here in Colorado, it was only cooling down to around 75 at night. And I had nothing to wear to bed except for a pair of worn-out polyester running shorts that don't breathe at all.

So, I made it my mission to sew myself a few pairs of pajama sets. Today I'm comparing the Lakeside Pajamas by Grainline Studio and the Reef by Megan Nielsen (both paper patterns).

I'm also giving our rayon chambray stripe fabrics a thorough review (update: these fabrics are now discontinued). After many nights wearing both pajama sets I can tell you that it is the ideal substrate for hot weather loungewear.

Ok, let's get down to the details: 

Lakeside Pajamas by Grainline Studio | Lakeside Pajama Set by Grainline Studio

The Lakeside Pajamas is a pajama set with a tulip-back cami and basic shorts. The camisole has bust darts and is bound entirely in bias tape, as is the hem of the shorts. The shorts are low rise and pretty short, giving them a sort of retro 70's feel. Of course, I'm into that.

Grainline Studio | Lakeside Pajamas

I sewed a size 2 in the cami and shortened the straps by 1" (a common adjustment for me), which resulted in the perfect fit. I sewed a size 6 in the shorts, but would likely size up to an 8 next time. In fact, a size 8 is exactly where my measurements put me, so I'm not sure why I sewed the size 6. But these shorts are certainly wearable!

I made .75" double-fold bias tape using a white cotton fabric remnant and a bias tape maker. Does anyone else find making bias tape strangely satisfying?

Lakeside Pajamas Sewing Pattern | Indiesew Blog

I used our Sherbet Rayon Chambray Stripe fabric for this set. I'm not normally drawn to pink, but the varying stripe width of this fabric appealed to me.

The Lakeside Pajamas are a quick sew if you're experienced with bias tape. I think this set would be an awesome gift and an easy pattern to sew in multiples. I definitely see another Lakeside set in my future. 



Reef by Megan Nielsen

Reef Pajama Set | Megan Nielsen

Reef by Megan Nielsen is a lounge set with a woven bias-cut camisole and elastic waist shorts. The camisole has a clever racerback design with facings that creates a clean finish. I sewed Version 2 of the shorts which includes a curved hem and a higher rise than Version 3.

Reef Shorts | Sewing Pattern by Megan Nielsen

I wasn't super familiar with Megan's sizing before I sewed this set so I decided on an XS in the top and a M for the bottoms. I tend to think that my hips are always two sizes bigger than my shoulders, but with alpha sizing that's not really the case. I could have easily sewed a size S in the shorts, but I don't mind the extra room and length in these.

Reef Sewing Pattern |

The finish on both the tank top and the shorts of this set took a bit more time to sew than the Lakeside Pajamas, but I really love the result. I would absolutely wear this tank top with a pair of jeans in the summer time. The bias-cut of the bodices makes the top drape so beautifully.

I used our Sky Rayon Chambray Stripe for this set which might possibly be my favorite fabric that I've sewn with this summer. This set has been worn on repeat since they came off my sewing machine.

Final Thoughts

As one would expect from two seasoned sewing pattern designers, the Lakeside Pajamas and Reef Set are both stellar patterns. I honestly can't say that I prefer one over the other after sewing them both, but depending on what you're looking for in loungewear you might have a preference.

The Lakeside Pajamas are a super quick and satisfying sew. It's a great project to practice using bias tape if you're into that sort of thing. The tulip shape of the back cami is such a lovely detail. Pay attention to the size chart especially if you're different sizes between the top and the bottoms.

Reef is a bit more time consuming sew, but the finishes are so worth it. If you've never sewn facings this a great pattern to try them out. Because Megan's sizing is alpha (XS, S, M...), keep in mind that there will be a noticeable difference between each alpha size as opposed to the Lakeside's numeric sizes (this is true for all alpha vs. numerically sized patterns).


Striped Rayon Chambray Sale!

Update: These fabrics are now discontinued and the coupon code has expired.

We found these Striped Rayon Chambray fabrics to be the perfect substrate for handmade pajamas. The 100% rayon fibers breathe well so you won't wake up sweating in the middle of the night. They're mostly opaque fabrics so there's no lining needed for pajamas. Plus, they wash and wear well!

Striped Rayon Chambray Fabric |

And we're offering them at 20% off for the next week! Use coupon code HANDMADEPJS at checkout to receive the discount until 10 p.m. MST on Friday, August 18th.

Happy sewing!

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