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Outfitting the Apparel Sewist Pt 3: Supplies

By Allie

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 Indiesew Blog | What Supplies to Get Someone Who Sews

Today is the last day of our Outfitting the Apparel Sewist series! Today's post is all about the consumable items that you'll need to get started sewing: thread, needles, interfacing, etc. 

You can check out the entire series here:

While the exact supplies required will vary for each project, the items listed below can definitely get the home sewist well on their way to their first sewing project.

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 Supplies You'll Need to Start Sewing

1. Schmetz Universal Machine Needles • 2. Schmetz Stretch Needles • 3. Gutermann Sew-All Thread Black & Nu-White Bundle • 4. Gutermann Sew-All Thread Navy • 5. Gutermann Sew-All Thread Mist Grey • 6. Thermoweb Heat'n Bond Light Weight Iron-On Fusible Interfacing • 7. Thermoweb Heat'n Bond Medium Weight Iron-On Fusible Interfacing • 8. Maxi-Lock All Purpose Grey Serger Thread • 9. Maxi-Lock Black Serger Thread • 10. Maxi-Lock White Serger Thread • 11. Heat n Bond SoftStretch • 12. Dritz Wash Away Wonder Tape

Sewing machine needles are essential to get started sewing. And while a small pack might be included with your sewing machine, you should have more on hand when those get dull. Schmetz Universal Needles will work for most sewing projects where light to mid-weight fabrics are used. Schmetz Stretch Needles should be used when sewing with knit fabrics. Needles should be changed after roughly 8 to 10 hours of use.

At Indiesew, we use Gutermann Sew-All Thread for nearly every sewing project. A beginner can get started with black, whitenavy and grey.

Interfacing will be required for some sewing projects and it's nice to have some on hand so a trip to the store isn't required. Heat'n Bond Light and Medium-Weight interfacing is a great addition to the new sewist's supply stash.

If you have a serger, you'll want cones of serger thread in a few colors. I started out with Maxi-Lock in grey, black, and white. Six years later, these are the colors I use most often. Don't forget to buy three or four spools of each color depending on the type of serger you have.

If you plan to sew knits, I recommend getting a roll of Heat n Bond Soft Stretch. This fusible web adhesive makes easy work of hemming knits, especially with a sewing machine.

Dritz Wonder Tape is also a great supply for the new sewist. This double sided adhesive will help tack down pockets, collars, and waistbands while you're sewing and washes away easily. I always have a few rolls of Wonder Tape on hand.

There are many other supplies you might need for a project (buttons, bias tape, etc.), but those are highly dependent on what your fabric and silhouette look like and will likely require a trip to the store.

Indiesew Gift Cards

Indiesew Gift Cards | Gifts for People Who Sew

An Indiesew Gift Card is also a great item to include in the new sewist's starter kit, so that fabric and sewing patterns can be purchased. Indiesew gift cards can be emailed or shipped, and come in any amount you wish!

I hope this blog series has been helpful for you! If you have specific questions about what you'll need to get started sewing, feel free to fill out our contact form or leave a comment below!

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