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New Indiesew Designer: Betz White

By Allie

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Today we’re taking a small departure from clothing to talk about something equally as necessary and maybe even more gratifying to sew. Handbags. My first “real” sewing project was a tote bag sewn out of some Ikea fabric that I still love to this day. I learned how to sew boxed corners. And I felt like superwoman.

Handbags are generally easier to assemble, with simple pattern pieces and no need to worry about fit or drape. I love them because they allowed me my first foray into using things like magnetic snaps, interfacing, and cotton webbing.

But even as my sewing skills improve, I’m still a total sucker for a quick satisfying project. And when I have a hankering for one of those, I tend to lean towards making handbags. Now that I’m often toting a camera, laptop, wallet, and the occasional package to be dropped off at the post office, the need for a reliable bag is even more apparent.

I present to you Indiesew’s newest designer, Betz White. When Betz first approached us about selling her patterns in our shop I was completely flattered. I mean this is the woman who wrote Sewing Green, one of the very first sewing books I read. Betz is an accessories mastermind with a bent towards sustainability. We like that. A lot.

So without further ado, Betz White's designs:

The Alice Book Bag

Indiesew Blog | Alice Book Bag sewing pattern by Betz White

The Alice Book Bag is a mid-sized, simple messenger bag. This bag can be worn cross body, or over one shoulder just with a simple cinch of the strap. The Alice Book Bag features oversized grommets, an inner pocket and an outer back pocket.

Alice Book Bag Grommets | Betz White Sewing Pattern

What fits inside? A lot. The Alice Book Bag can accommodate a water bottle, novel or tablet, wallet, car keys, sunglasses, and cell phone. Yep, that’s right. And if you’re really pushing it, you might be able to replace your novel for a small DSLR camera if you carry a small wallet. The Alice Book Bag is an everyday bag for the busy woman who carries a moderate amount of belongings.

Inside the Alice Book Bag |

The Alice Book Bag pattern includes instructions for a larger inside pocket. We chose to simply reuse the pocket from a button up shirt for our inner pocket. I think Betz would be proud.

The bag measures 11.75" wide, 13" tall, and 1.5" deep.

The Sidekick Sling

The Sidekick Sling | Betz White Sewing Pattern

The Sidekick Sling takes the basic cross-body bag up a notch. While it’s slightly smaller than the Alice Book Bag, the Sidekick’s asymmetrical design is a feature we just couldn’t resist. This bag also features oversized grommets (the more industrial the better!), two inner pockets, and a magnetic snap closure.

Sidekick Sling Grommets | Indiesew Blog

What fits inside? A fair amount, actually! The Sidekick Sling is large enough to tote around your wallet, car keys, sunglasses and cell phone. You might even be able to throw in a small bag of snacks for the road. We recommend this pattern for the semi-minimalist, or for a night out on the town.

Inside the Sidekick Sling | Betz White Sewing Pattern

The Sidekick Sling measures 11.5” wide, 13” tall, and 2.5” deep.

If you’re brand new to sewing, these patterns are a perfect way to ease into the hobby. Even if you’re a seasoned sewist, you’ll find that the attention to detail in Betz’s patterns is off the charts. Go grab your pattern today and get sewing!

Just a quick update: you’ll be hearing a lot less from me (Allie) and a lot more from Indiesew’s other co-founder, Steve, in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be in Montana helping out at my favorite music festival and will be away from the sewing world for a bit. But I’m already excited to get back and show you what our late summer/fall brings! Exciting things, folks.

Happy sewing!

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