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Moto Sweatshirt Sewalong Pt 1: Gather Your Supplies

By Allie

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Today marks the beginning of the Moto Sweatshirt Sewalong! This eight-part blog series is a step-by-step tutorial for sewing the Moto Sweatshirt by Seamly. Each post will contain images for each sewing step along with helpful tips and tricks for getting the best result.

Here's the sewalong schedule:

Today we're talking about supplies! For this sewalong, I’ll be sewing a grey Moto Sweatshirt sewn out of this Cyan French terry fabric.

Don't forget that we're having a 10% off sale on all applicable Moto Sweatshirt supplies! See the bottom of this blog post for details. Sale ends April 30th at 10 p.m. MST.

Here are the supplies you’ll need for your Moto Sweatshirt:

1. Moto Sweatshirt Sewing Pattern

Grab yours here, only available at Indiesew!


2. SUFFICIENT YARDAGE OF stable knit fabric

It's important to use the right kind of knit fabric for your Moto Sweatshirt. You'll want a substrate that is thick and stable, but still has a decent amount of stretch and recovery. I recommend using French terry, double knit, sweatshirt fleece, ponte de roma, or scuba knit. | Cyan Blue French Terry Fabric

The fabric you choose should have at least 30% two-way stretch (but four-way stretch will work too!) and weigh anywhere from 8 to 12 ounces per square yard. The fabric requirements for each size are located on page 2 of the pattern. Be sure to preshrink your fabric before sewing.

For this sewalong, I'll be using this cotton Cyan French terry.


3. 1/2 Yard Coordinating LIghtweight Fabric

It's important to use a lightweight fabric for the pocket bags of your Moto Sweatshirt, as a thicker fabric creates a lot of bulk around the pocket opening. Additionally, this fabric may peek out at the pocket openings, so consider using a coordinating fabric unless you prefer the pop of color. (In the photo in the section below, you'll see the pink fabric of the pocket bags that shows around the zipper.)
 Lightweight Pocket Fabric | Moto Sweatshirt Sewalong

Although the pattern recommends a lightweight jersey, we've found that a lightweight woven fabric works just as well. I'm using a lightweight woven fleece fabric. 


4. One Separating Zipper and Two Closed Bottom Zippers

In my opinion, the zippers are what make the Moto Sweatshirt unique, so consider making a statement with brass zippers. Sizes XS and S require a 30" separating zipper, while sizes M through XXL require a 31" separating zipper. That said, a 28" to 30" separating zipper will work for all sizes. If you use a shorter zipper, you'll end up with a small gap at the bottom of the waistband and top of the collar, which is normal in ready-to-wear clothing.

Moto Sweatshirt Zippers | Grey

All sizes also require two 6" closed bottom zippers that match your separating zipper.

We sell navy zipper kits (and will soon restock our grey zipper kits) in the Indiesew shop. If you need a different color zipper, check out Wawak's selection. We've found that both metal and plastic zippers work well for this design.

I wasn't able to find matching zippers to match the cyan blue color of my fabric, so I'll be using light grey zippers.


5. 1/2 Yard Non-Stretch Interfacing

To stabilize the areas where we'll insert the zippers, you'll need some non-stretch interfacing. To prepare for sewing, cut your interfacing into long strips that are 1/2" wide. You'll need at least two  40" strips (these can be pieced together later from four 20" strips) and four 6" stripes of 1/2"-wide interfacing.


6. Coordinating Thread

You'll need a spool of all-purpose coordinating thread for the Moto Sweatshirt, along with coordinating serger thread if you plan to finish your seams that way.

Indiesew Blog | All Purpose Thread

Note: Using a serger is not required for the Moto Sweatshirt, as the seam allowances shouldn't fray.


7. Wonder Tape

This isn't listed in the sewing pattern, but I highly recommend using Wash Away Wonder Tape to help with sewing in the zippers.

Wash Away Wonder Tape | Tips for Sewing Zippers

This two-sided adhesive tape is really useful for positioning your zippers before sewing them in. You'll likely use an entire roll on this project.


8. Stretch Sewing Machine Needle

And finally, since we're sewing with stretch fabrics, it's important to use a stretch, jersey, or ballpoint needle in your machine to prevent skipped stitches and snagged threads. 

Stretch Sewing Machine Needles | Sewing with Knit Fabrics

Now that you’ve got everything you need, join us tomorrow when we start cutting out the pattern!

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