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Monarch Jacket Styling Ideas

By Allie

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On Monday we launched the Monarch Jacket and I'm feeling pretty over-the-moon that so many of you are drawn to this design! My design aesthetic is simple and comfortable, with a nod to the 70's. And with this sewing pattern I feel like I'm starting to build more a collection of sewing patterns that mix and match well together. I hope you do too!

Today we wanted to give you a peek at the images we've pinned over the several months while working on the Monarch Jacket as inspiration. If you're having trouble envisioning how to style this design, these are a great starting point! You can read more about the origin story of this design here.

There isn't any designs exactly like the Monarch in the RTW market (that we could find), but the images below are a close approximation to the intended fit of the Monarch Jacket.Indiesew | Monarch Jacket | Allie Olson

1. Club Monaco • 2. COS • 3. Celille Cardigan • 4. Vintage Boxy Sweater • 5. Everlane • 6. Rue21 • 7. Everlane 

The boxy bodice and slightly cropped length of the Monarch Jacket means it complements high-waisted pants and skirts beautifully. We love Monarch worn with the Persephone Pants and Ginger Jeans.

The Monarch Jacket looks great layered over the Kila Tank and Union St. Tee for a casual look with jeans. But we also love it worn over a button-up like the Cheyenne Tunic or Archer Button-Up with boyfriend jeans and some fun jewelry.

This design also layers over body-con and fit and flare dresses with ease. Because this cardigan-style jacket is boxy, think about proportions and balancing out the extra ease with more fitted designs around the waist.

We'll be back later this week with a tester version of the Monarch Jacket in Indiesew Fabric. Stay tuned!

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