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Matilda Dress in Fool's Paradise Cotton Poplin

By Allie

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Indiesew x Dan Lehman Collab | Matilda Dress by Megan Nielsen

Today is the last day of our four-part Fool's Paradise series! For the past few weeks, we've looked up-close one of the four garments we sewed for our collaboration with Dan Lehman and Spoonflower. See our other three garment posts here:

Today, it's all about Matilda by Megan Nielsen. I was smitten with this utility-style shirt dress the moment it released. And the Fool's Paradise Dark Cotton Poplin (sold out, but light is available) couldn't have been a better substrate for this design. See why:

Matilda Dress Sewing Pattern by Megan Nielsen | Available at Indiesew

Indiesew x Dan Lehman | Matilda Dress in Fool's Paradise Fabric

Megan Nielsen's Matilda Dress | Sewn in Spoonflower Cotton Poplin

Matilda Shirtdress | Indiesew Sewing Patterns

Indiesew Custom Printed Fabric | Carnivorous Plants

Indiesew x Spoonflower Collab | Matilda Utility Dress

Matilda has princess seams, drop cuffed shoulders, a collar with stand, and pleated breast pockets. For this photoshoot we omitted the breast pockets, but every other detail you see here is straight from the pattern envelope.

Our model's measurements are 33"/26"/36" and she's 5'10" tall. We sewed the XS but added an inch in length to the bodice. In retrospect, it wasn't necessary, as this design seems to be drafted for long torsos.

I absolutely love the look of the circle skirt in this structured cotton poplin. (Update: We're nearly sold out of the dark color way, but light is still available!). Spoonflower's cotton poplin is super easy to sew with, making it ideal for the beginner sewist. Despite the number of pattern pieces, I was able to finish this dress from start to finish in about four hours!

Matilda is absolutely covered in optional topstitching, which I love! All of those reinforced seams create a real utilitarian feel. The rounded collar looks vintage and the fit-and-flare silhouette harkens back to the 60's. I will definitely be sewing this one again, possibly in our Jungle Green Tencel Gabardine for Shirt Month.

I hope you all are having a lovely November! We will have lots more sewing inspiration and new fabrics coming your way soon. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to find out when they drop!

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See Megan Nielsen's Matilda Dress sewn in Spoonflower Cotton Poplin. Collaboration with Dan Lehman. |

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