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Lonetree Kits are Here!

By Allie

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Indiesew Fabric Shop | Lonetree Kits are Here!

Good news, folks! Our long-awaited Lonetree Jacket and Vest Kits have finally arrived!

We know how frustrating it can be to source special snaps, cord stops, and just the right size zipper (in a coordinating color, no less). Big box stores rarely have exactly what you need, so inevitably you place several online orders with varying shipping timelines. If you’re lucky, and everything you’ve ordered is exactly right, you can start your project two weeks after you bought the pattern.

DIY Jacket Kit | Lonetree Sewing Pattern

So we’ve taken the frustration out of sourcing your Lonetree Jacket or Vest supplies. Our kits include: 

  • 2.75 yards of our 68" Dark Army Green Twill (this is sufficient yardage for all sizes of the Lonetree, including the extended sizes to be released soon)
  • 1 army green metal separating YKK zipper (see length that corresponds with each size on the product page)
  • 2 6mm silver cord stops
  • 2 yards of army green twill tape
  • 1 set (6 count) Antique Silver Heavy Duty Snaps
  • 1 snap setting tool (2 pcs)

Get Your Kit Now >

We didn’t include thread in these kits, as we know most sewists have strong brand preferences and it tends to be readily available at most fabric stores. And because the fabric in these kits is a bit heavier than what we used for our collection sample, no interfacing is needed where the pattern indicates.

Lonetree Jacket and Vest Kit

Currently, we’re also selling snap kits in the shop for those who may be sewing a different color Lonetree. We’ll consider adding a few other color kits, if these sell well. Let us know what color you prefer in the comments below! 

Heavy Duty Jacket Snaps

We’re almost done testing the 3XL and 4XL sizes of the Lonetree Jacket. The updated pattern should be available within the coming weeks and we’ll show you a sample we made on the blog!

Happy Lonetree sewing! 

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