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Jamie Jeans Sewalong: Mark Your Calendars!

By Allie

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Mark your calendars: The Jamie Jeans Sewalong! |
A few months ago we put a question out to our social media followers. We asked you, "Should we host a sewalong for the Jamie Jeans?" The answer was basically, "Oh my god, yes please, do it now". I had just finished up sewing the Jamie Jeans for the Spring Collection and had seen some adorable versions get uploaded to our site. But, I kept hearing again and again that people were curious, but terrified of this sewing pattern. And me? I was smitten with a sewing pattern that there as still so much FEAR over.
I gave this topic of a Jamie Jeans sewalong a lot of consideration. I mean hosting a sewalong of this magnitude does not compare to a simple bias tape tutorial or a style post. A Jamie Jeans sewlong is a big undertaking, but, let's be honest, it's so necessary. If you've never sewn one, a fly zip can be complicated, and maybe the perfect fit is a bit harder to achieve than with an unfitted, loose garment. But I want you all to have the same experience I did while sewing this pattern, and experience the pride I felt when I was done.
So we’re doing this Jamie Jeans sewalong and we’re going to do it damn well. I’m hoping that at the end of this two-week long event you feel confident to tackle your own pair.
First, let's talk about this sewing pattern. The Jamie Jeans by Named Clothing are skinny jeans with a mid-rise, slimming front seams and front and back pockets. My favorite feature is the contoured waistband which keeps these jeans above my hips with no belt. Win!
The Jamie Jeans Sewalong |
Another word of mention is that these jeans are meant to be true-blue skinny jeans. They should be comfortably snug from the waistband all the way to the ankles. If you’re looking for a more relaxed fit in your jeans, the Jamie Jeans pattern may not be the sewing pattern for you.
Detailed view of the Jamie Jeans by Named Clothing |
So let's get to the sewalong details, those are important. The Jamie Jeans sewalong will take place from April 27th through May 8th. We’ll publish one blog post every day, Monday through Friday of those two weeks.
Here’s a quick outline of the post topics. These topics are subject to change.
  • Gather Your Supplies
  • Prepare to Sew
  • Sew Front Features
  • Baste and Check Fit
  • Adjust for Fit
  • Sew Front to Back
  • Sew Pockets
  • Sew Fly Zip
  • Sew Waistband
  • Final Finishes
The Jamie Jeans have been a notoriously tough sewing project for a few reasons. Named's patterns are geared towards the intermediate sewist and not every step is illustrated (hence, this sewalong!). If you bought an early version of the pattern, it may not have included seam allowances (our version does!). And some folks had a tough time achieving the perfect fit. Throughout the sewalong I’ll be photographing and explaining every single step of sewing the Jamie Jeans, while sewing my own pair. That means you’ll get to see what adjustments I made for the perfect fit.
If you’re still on the fence, check out these Jamie Jeans creations by Jaime, Lindsay and Lauren. Each of these creator’s blog posts have some great feedback about their experience with the sewing pattern.
Jamie Jeans Creations |
And just to help convince you that you need the Jamie Jeans in your closet, we’re offering 15% off this pattern through Sunday, April 26th at 10PM MDT. Use JAMIEJEANS15 at checkout to apply the discount.
Meet back here on April 27th to get the party started!

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