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It's Winter Knits Week!

By Allie

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Today marks the launch of a new Indiesew event: Winter Knits Week! For the past few years, we've been celebrating Cardigan Week, but for me, it felt like something was missing from that event.

Some people are decidedly not cardigan people (I'm still working that out for myself), so why celebrate just one kind of cozy knit garment? Why not celebrate the whole category of winter knit silhouettes? So when a giant shipment of ponte landed on our doorstep, we decided to spend a week devoting our time to everything and anything that can be made in cozy winter knit fabric.

We're launching Winter Knits Week with fourteen new knit fabrics! We've loaded up the shop with ponte de roma, cozy cupro jersey, French terry, and wool double knit. During the week we'll be suggesting sewing patterns that will work well for each fabric.

New Ponte de Roma (Seven Colors!)

Indiesew Fabric | Rayon Ponte de Roma

Seven new rayon-based ponte de roma fabrics were just added to the shop. Since these are overstock fabrics, we don't know the exact fiber breakdown but they're all likely rayon/nylon/spandex blends. No scratchy polyester feels are coming from these fabrics.

Ponte is a stable double knit fabric, ideal for beginner sewists. Check out Fabric Files: Ponte to learn all about this substrate.


New Cupro Jersey (Five Colors!)

Indiesew Fabric | Cupro Jersey in Five Colors

A brand new substrate hit the shop last week, one that we are wild for. Our new cupro jerseys are light (best for tees and tanks), and have suede-like feel on the right side. These are cupro/poly/spandex blends and would make an incredible pair of cozy pajamas.

If you've never sewn with jersey, check out Fabric Files: Jersey for all the details.


Other Cozy Knits

Indiesew Fabric | Cozy Knits

We've also restocked two cozy knits that sold super fast the first time around. Our Vintage Grey Cotton French Terry is thick and perfect for sweatshirts and cozy sweats.

Our Black Peaks Wool Double Knit is one of the most luxurious knits we've ever sold. This wool blend fabric features cream colored chevrons set against a black background.

Later this week we'll be showing you some new patterns ideal for cozy winter knit fabrics. Stay tuned! 

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