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It's Coat Month!

By Allie

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A new year has arrived and for many it’s chock full of new personal goals and aspirations. Many of you have resolved to sew more in 2016, and a few have goals of creating a mostly, handmade wardrobe. We want to help! We’re starting with Coat Month. 

This is our first annual Coat Month and we have so much outerwear sewing inspiration in store for you. There's a sale, new fabrics and patterns, and tons of tutorials and inspiration coming your way all month long. If you have a goal of sewing your own tailored coat, this is the month to tackle it. And if you’re ready to sew a coat that will fit perfectly and last for years, we’ve got the tutorials to make it happen.

Plus, coat month just isn’t for those living in the coldest of climates. We’re highlighting all handmade outerwear this month, including vests and lightweight jackets! So let’s see what’s in store.


outerwear Pattern Sale

It wouldn’t be month-long event without a sewing pattern sale! For the first week of coat month all outerwear sewing patterns will be 20% off. Use coupon code COATMONTH at checkout to receive the discount until January 10 at 11:59 p.m. MST. 


Introducing the Yuzu Raglan Coat 

We’ve added a new trendy coat pattern to the shop just for this event! The Yuzu Raglan Coat by Waffle Patterns is a cocoon-shaped coat with a full lining, two pocket options, and a button front closure.

Yuzu Raglan Coat | Waffle Patterns

We'll be using this coat in many of our coat sewing tutorials on the blog, including a full discussion on sewing a muslin!

 Yuzu Coat by Waffle Patterns |



New Coating and Lining Fabrics

Have you been hunting for good quality coating fabrics? Us too, so we tracked down the best we could find for the Indiesew Fabric Shop! We’ve got five new coating fabrics perfect in various weights and textures. Do you love the grey wool we used for the Yuzu sample you saw above? You’re in luck, we’ve got plenty of yardage to go around!

Coating fabrics available at Indiesew

We’ve also added a fun lining fabric and are highlighting our existing fabrics that would work well for linings. Crepe de chine is our favorite choice for a luxurious coat lining an we’ve got three to choose from! Our Ladybug Polka Dot Crepe is a great deal for a quality fabric! 

Lining Fabric | Crepe de Chine



Other Happenings

January is a popular month for sewing winter coats, so there just happens to be a lot going on in the sewing world this month. My good friends at Fancy Tiger Crafts are hosting a Coat-Along all month long! Jaime, Amber and Sara will be in-store every Friday afternoon this month to help you with all of your sewing questions. I’ll be joining them on January 15th, so if you’re in the Denver area, stop in! 

What else? Lucinda has published a great Coat Sewing 101 post on her blog. She and three other bloggers will be guest posting on the Indiesew blog this month, sharing their knowledge and coat sewing inspiration!

Stay tuned, folks. January is going to be good.

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