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Introducing the Versalette Sewing Pattern!

By Allie

Allie is the co-founder of Indiesew and creator of all things pretty on the site. Follow Allie and receive other Indiesew updates by subscribing to the blog. | Introducing the Versalette Sewing Pattern!I try in earnest to have a minimalist wardrobe, to choose a neutral color palette that mixes well together, and to sew clothing that can be styled in different ways. Honestly, I haven’t been that successful.

But our newest collaboration with Seamly just got me one step closer to my goal! The founder Kristin Glenn designs simple, versatile clothing that can be worn or styled many different ways. Her ethical fashion quest actually began with her most adaptable design ever: the Versalette.

If you haven’t heard of the Versalette, it was a clothing design that was successfully "Kickstarted" under Kristin's first clothing line, {r}evolution apparel. (Check that out here.)

In short, the Versalette is a knit, one-size-fits-most garment that can be worn thirty different ways. It’s ingeniously designed with four drawstrings so that fabric can be gathered to create different looks. Hidden sleeves and pockets provide even more options for wearing this garment. 

Versalette Line Drawings | Designed By Seamly, Pattern by Indiesew

And it’s our newest collaboration. The Versalette Sewing Pattern is here! And priced at just $8, it’s a total steal. Take a look:

Versalette Sewing Pattern by Seamly 

 But to really see the full potential of this pattern, you must check out this video:



Since nearly every sewist I’ve met can successfully reverse engineer clothing, we’ll go ahead and tell you up front what the Versalette design is all about.

You may have guessed that the Versalette is a rectangle. The pockets are rectangles, as are the drawstrings. The only pattern piece that isn’t a rectangle is the sleeve.

Versalette | Front and Back

But while the shape of the garment is pretty basic, the drawstrings really do provide the versatility that this pattern is named after. Cinch the top and side drawstrings for a ruched skirt. Rotate the garment so the side drawstrings are in the center and wear it as a halter dress. It took just ten minutes in front of my full-length mirror, experimenting with looks, for me to realize just how brilliant this design is. 

If you travel a lot, this garment is a must-have. Sew it in black and pack a few extra layers and accessories, and it’ll easily carry you through a weeklong trip.



The Versalette is a one-size pattern intended for US sizes 2 through 16. But if you fall outside of that size range (or prefer a tighter or looser silhouette) we’ve included a full page of instructions for modifying the fit.

Versalette Sizing and Finished Measurements



If you’re not keen on printing out the entire tiled pattern, use our handy dimensions table to quickly cut the rectangular pattern pieces. We include a marking template for those who choose this route so that you can accurately mark the notches on this pattern.

In fact, the real magic in this pattern are those numerous pattern markings. With four drawstring channels (that vary in length and placement), it’s essential to pay close attention to where you notch your fabric. We’ve made this simple, so that when you feed your drawstrings through your channels, they slide through easily.  No seam ripping required.



The Versalette looks best when sewn in rayon fabrics with at least 70% stretch. Luckily our entire line of rayon spandex jersey is ideal for this pattern! I sewed this version in our Black Rayon Spandex Jersey.

Rayon Jersey Fabric | Ideal for the Versalette Sewing Pattern

Over the next week or so, we’ll show you how we style the Versalette pattern for fall as well as offer some helpful sewing tips for this pattern! Stay tuned!

Happy Versalette sewing! 

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