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Introducing the Indiesew x Dan Lehman Collaboration!

By Allie

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Indiesew | Dan Lehman x Spoonflower Collaboration

Today is a special day at Indiesew, as we launch a new-to-us type of partnership! For the past several months we've been working behind the scenes on a big collaboration with Boulder-based artist, Dan Lehman, and the on-demand, custom printing company Spoonflower.

This collaboration is a departure from our normal offering. It's unique in every sense of the word. But when Dan told me he wanted to put carnivorous plants on fabric, I was immediately sold. Check out Spoonflower's Insider Look to learn more about how Dan and I met and this idea evolved into reality!

Today, we released four custom printed fabrics (two designs printed on two different substrates) that depict Venus fly traps, pitcher plants, and sundews in a sophisticated color palette. Dan played with color and texture to bring the mysterious world of insect-eating plants to life on fabric.

These fabrics were custom-printed at Spoonflower in Durham, NC. Spoonflower's mission is to inspire individuals to make, buy and sell unique products built around color and pattern. We couldn't think of a company more aligned with Indiesew's mission to foster creativity and connection among the online sewing community. It felt like the perfect fit.

We are offering a light and dark color way of Dan's Fool's Paradise print. The color palette differs slightly between the two, and each evoke a completely different feeling. Make sure to check out Dan's design method to see exactly how involved his process is.

The light color way is whimsical, while the dark color way is moody and mysterious. The print begs to be closely examined, as there are over 100 unique carnivorous plants shown. There's also one small insect hidden within the print that we encourage you to find! | Dan Lehman's Fool's Paradise Fabric Print

We printed Dan's design on two different substrates, which create two totally different textiles. And we've sewn four different garments in Dan's fabric so you can see the scale of the print and the hand of the fabric in action!


Cotton Poplin

We wanted to print Dan's designs on Spoonflower's cotton poplin, because we knew this novelty print would look great when sewn into a button-up shirt dress and top. Spoonflower's cotton poplin is crisp, but light, perfect for structured tops, dresses, and skirts.

Indiesew x Dan Lehman | Spoonflower Cotton Popline Fool's Paradise Fabric

Shop Fool's Paradise Cotton Poplin >

Below, you'll see that we sewed the Matilda Dress (new!) in the dark color way of the cotton poplin. The quarter circle skirt hangs especially well on the body in this substrate.

Indiesew | Matilda Dress by Megan Nielsen in Dan Lehman Fabric

For the light color way of the cotton poplin fabric, we sewed up a Kalle Shirt (View A). We love the look of this color palette worn with a pair of jeans. | Kalle Shirt by Closet Case Files in Dan Lehman Fabric

Spoonflower's cotton poplin is a dream to sew with. It forms a crisp press, so you won't have to use many pins while sewing. It is ideal for the beginner sewist. And it doesn't get overly wrinkly from sitting, so it looks great sewn into dresses and skirts!


Poly Crepe de Chine

I knew this novelty print needed to be printed on a light, flowy fabric like crepe de chine. After we received a sample of the Spoonflower's poly crepe de chine, I was immediately sold. Don't be discouraged by this fabric's 100% polyester content, because it has the hand feel and breathability of silk. This poly crepe weighs just 1.9 oz, so it's super light and flowy. 

Indiesew x Dan Lehman | Spoonflower's Poly Crepe Fool's Paradise Fabric

Shop Fool's Paradise Poly Crepe >

We sewed the Rachael Playsuit in the dark color way of the poly crepe and it was the perfect substrate for this silhouette. | Rachael Playsuit by Designer Stitch in Dan Lehman Fabric

For those that are a little more print-wary, the poly crepe makes an excellent lining fabric for jackets and coats. We used the light color way of the poly crepe for this Joy Jacket and it makes this outer layer feel super luxurious. | Joy Jacket by Chalk and Notch with Dan Lehman Lining Fabric

Spoonflower's poly crepe de chine isn't at all difficult to sew, despite its light weight. It doesn't have the tendency to shape shift, like some other lightweight fabrics do, making it ideal for the intermediate sewist. The only recommendation I can offer is to use a brand-new, super sharp needle (I used a Schmetz Universal 70/10).

For the next several weeks, we'll be bringing you lots more sewing inspiration for these custom-printed fabrics, including a separate blog post on each of the four garments you see above. There will also be a blog tour, where four bloggers are showcasing their makes in these designs. Stay tuned!

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