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Introducing the Indiesew Fall Collection

By Allie

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It’s the day after Labor Day. September 2nd, 2014. Probably a normal Tuesday in your book. It might even be a tough day for many of you. Going back to work after a long, holiday weekend is never easy.

But for Steve and I? This day has been much anticipated. It’s a day we’ve talked endlessly about for weeks now. I’ve sewed for nearly twenty-one days straight in preparation for today. I’ve corresponded with dozens of amazing women. I’ve dreamed every single night (seriously, every...single...night) about blog posts, and sewing mistakes and both grand and dismal visions of how this will be received. I suppose this is akin to what expectant mothers go through? Not even close? I'll take your word for it.

So here it is folks. The Indiesew Fall Collection. Also known as, the six clothing items I haven’t stopped wearing since two Fridays ago.

What is this collection all about? Well, it’s about a wearable wardrobe. Basically, the Indiesew Fall Collection is about handmade clothing items that mix and match. We all know it’s fun to make your own clothing. But it’s not always easy to make a wardrobe. It can be incredibly hard to find patterns that fit your personal style and also mix and match with your current clothing items.

The Fall Collection is made up of six carefully curated patterns that are easy to wear, easy to care for, and function in the everyday world. What’s even better? We’re bundling the Fall Collection and selling it at a discount. It's $45 to be exact, a savings of over 10%.

Let’s get to the details.

The Pattern Players


The Lane Raglan | Indiesew Fall Collection
The Lane Raglan
The Hudson Pant Sewing Pattern | Indiesew Fall Collection
Hudson Pant
The Commuter Cowl Sewing Pattern | Indiesew Fall Collection
Commuter Cowl
The Natalie Top | Indiesew Fall Collection
Natalie Top
Sew Simple Leggings Sewing Pattern | Indiesew Fall Collection
Sew Simple Leggings
The Alice Book Bag Sewing Pattern | Indiesew Fall Collection
Alice Book Bag

The Fall Collection Bundle

Maybe you're thinking, “This is just your run-of-the-mill pattern bundle, right?” Our response: Pattern bundle? Yes. Run-of-the-mill? Not even close. The Indiesew Fall Collection is made up of six very complementary patterns. Each pattern embodies a relaxed, everyday style, and is incredibly easy to mix and match. And while totally unintentional, these patterns are eerily similar to the fall collections we’re seeing at major American clothing brands. Yay for semi-successful (more likely, entirely coincidental) trend spotting skills!

So why buy this bundle instead of the ready-to-wear clothes? So many reasons, people. You can 1. Avoid fast fashion, 2. Feel the pride of making your own clothes, 3. Save money, 4. Pick the materials you prefer, 5. Be a self-sufficient rockstar.

Wearing the Collection

So, maybe you need a little help envisioning how these patterns mix and match. Totally understood. Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

Indiesew Fall Collection Outfit 1
Indiesew Fall Collection Outfit 2
Indiesew Fall Collection Outfit 3


Indiesew Fall Collection Outfit 4
Indiesew Fall Collection Outfit 5
Indiesew Fall Collection Outfit 8


Indiesew Fall Collection Outfit 6
Indiesew Fall Collection Outfit 7
Indiesew Fall Collection Outfit 9

Fall Collection Happenings

Over the next couple of weeks you’ll be seeing lots more of the Indiesew Fall Collection. We’ve got nine awesome bloggers showing us how they wear the patterns. I’ll be blogging about how I modified these patterns to work for my wardrobe. But the absolute best part? We’ve got two pattern bundle giveaways!

Today, head on over to Merricks Art, see how the queen of fashion blogging is wearing the patterns, and enter to win the Indiesew Fall Collection giveaway. One lucky winner will be chosen and announced on the Indiesew blog Monday, September 8th!

Stay tuned folks. Cooler weather is coming. Is your closet ready? Go checkout the Fall Collection!

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