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Introducing Fabric Batch #005: Lumberjill

By Allie

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Indiesew Fabric Batch | Lumberjill

After the summer of no air conditioning, I’m truly enjoying the cold temperatures Colorado has been delivering. We’re cheap, so we keep our house thermostat around 58 degrees. I pack all of your fabric and pattern orders in an unheated, unattached garage. So my motto this winter has been “layer up.” And plaid flannels have the perfect fabric to get the job done. Not to mention, I feel like a lumberjill when I’m wearing them and I love that.

Lumberjill is our fifth fabric batch and our second batch entirely comprised of plaid fabrics. Our first plaid batch, Checkered, sold out so quickly I knew I had to stock more of these fun fabrics. There’s even one fabric returning from Checkered that was a huge hit! Let's see what's available.


Blue and White Double Cloth Cotton (It's back!)

Blue and White Plaid Double Cloth Cotton | Indiesew Fabric

Our Blue and White Double Cloth Cotton was the first to sell out in our Checkered fabric batch and it's easy to see why. This fabric features a large-scale blue-and-white plaid side and a smaller-scale black-and-white gingham side. If you've never sewn with double cloth, it has a similar hand to double gauze, but is slightly heavier in weight.


Red and Black Plaid Twill | Red and Black Plaid Twill Fabric

I wanted to include more red plaids in this batch and this one is my favorite of them all. Our Red and Black Plaid Twill is drapey and pliable, making it ideal for blouses, dresses, and gathered skirts. The large-scale red, black, and white plaid design is festive for the holiday season.


Black and White Gingham Flannel

Black and White Gingham Flannel | Indiesew Fabric Shop

Gingham fabric is trending hard, so I couldn't resist adding this Black and White Gingham Flannel fabric to the shop. This fabric is soft and cozy, ideal for blouses, pajama pants, dresses, and skirts. This neutral pattern will transition well into spring.


Red Tartan Plaid Twill

Red Tartan Plaid Twill Fabric | Indiesew Blog

Our Red Tartan Plaid Twill makes me smile because it is the epitome of a traditional plaid design. Weighing in at 13.2 ounces per yard, this twill plaid also features a smooth right side and a soft brushed-flannel wrong side. Because this fabric is quite heavy, it's best suited for skirts and trousers.


Navy and Cranberry Plaid Flannel

Indiesew | Navy and Cranberry Plaid Flannel Fabric

As soft as it is subtle, our Navy and Cranberry Plaid Flannel fabric is ideal for cozy garments. This midweight fabric is similar in hand and weight to our Black and White Gingham Flannel. A button-up shirt would look lovely sewn up with this fabric.

Hop on over to the Indiesew Fabric Shop and grab your yardage of these five fabrics before they're gone!

Please note: All orders placed by 1 p.m. MST Wednesday, December 9th will ship by that evening. All orders placed after 1 p.m. MST on December 9th will be shipped by Wednesday, December 16th. I'm heading home to Montana to see my family. I'll likely be wearing plaid the entire time I'm there.

Happy sewing!

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