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How We Wear It: The Cowl Neck Top by So Sew Easy

By Allie

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How We Wear It | Cowl Neck Top Sewing Pattern by So Sew Easy

Today’s style post is brought to you by Steve’s darling wife, Amanda. She’s dipped her toe into sewing recently and I’m shocked by how quickly she’s caught on! Not to mention the little lady started sewing with knits, her first project being a near perfect Union St Tee. That’s pure bravery, I tell you.

A few weeks ago, Amanda and I took a trip to the fabric store to get supplies to sew up the Cowl Neck Top you see in our shop. This sewing pattern by So Sew Easy is a breeze to sew up, and I knew Amanda would totally knock it out of the park.

She sewed up our sample, and then sewed another one for herself, with sleeves! This styling for this top is 100% Amanda, and provides such a fun look into how other people wear the patterns we sell. Personal style is such an awesome way to express yourself.

Merlot Cowl Neck Top | Creations

Amanda’s cowl neck top is sewn up in a soft, merlot colored rayon jersey. She sewed up the long sleeve version for a perfect fall and winter wardrobe item. Today she’s showing us three different looks for the top; every one of them is blowing me away.

My favorite look for the Cowl Neck Top is pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans and boots. Sewn up in this deep, saturated color makes this a great statement piece for both winter and fall.

Cowl Neck Top with Jeans and Boots | Indiesew Style Post

Amanda also put her Cowl Neck Top to work in the office. Here she pairs the top with a great pair of work slacks and heels. She’s without a doubt the most styling engineer in Boulder, CO where the norm is jeans and t-shirts.

Cowl Neck Top for Office Wear | Sewing Patterns

Amanda’s third outfit is definitely a show-stopper, and one that this rock climbing and fitness enthusiast can totally pull off. Here she pairs her Cowl Neck top with tights, shorts and some sexy boots.

Cowl Neck Top with Shorts | How We Wear It

Cowl Neck Top for Fall | Blog

Deby, from So Sew Easy, has designed this top with just the right amount of drape around the neckline. The front bodice is cut on the bias to accentuate the cowl and make it drape properly.

Cowl Neck Detail | Sewing Pattern by So Sew Easy

From the designer that brought you the Sew Simple Leggings, this pattern is a total steal at only $5.95. Pick up your copy today and get sewing! Make sure to follow us on Pinterest to see more Cowl Neck Top creations as they are uploaded to Indiesew!

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