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How We Wear It: Ravenna Top by Straight Stitch Designs

By Allie

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How We Wear It: The Ravenna Top by Straight Stitch Designs |

When I first met Kimberly from Straight Stitch Designs through pattern testing, I was blown away by her eye for design. She is a styling mom and blogger with an infectious passion for sewing. And now, she's entering the world of women's sewing pattern design! Today I’m showing you how I wear her very first pattern, The Ravenna Top. We can assure that you’ve never seen a pattern quite like this.

The Ravenna Top is a loose-fitting blouse that is all about the back. The scoop-plunge back is lined in ruffles...yes, ruffles. The back neckline features a center zipper sewn so that the entire zipper is exposed. Use a bright, contrast zipper to add just the right amount of color pop.

The Ravenna Top Back, by Straight Stitch Designs | Indiesew Blog

The Ravenna Top also features a front crew neck and flowy sleeves (with two length options!) and cuffs. The top fits so well that it didn't once slip off my shoulders, as has happened with other plunge back shirts I’ve tried wearing. What’s even better? You can still wear a normal bra with this top, as the back neckline sits a few inches above your back bra straps.

So how do you wear this shirt? Well, it’s entirely versatile. Today I’m showing you just one look for the Ravenna. This is what I would call “Workplace Ravenna”, but this top looks just a great with a pair of skinny jeans and flats for a busy day of running errands.

Dress the Ravenna Top up for work with a basic pencil skirt | Indiesew Blog

Because lately I love everything high waisted and hip hugging, I’m pairing this black and white Ravenna with a basic black pencil skirt. I love how the drape and flow of the silky top complements the fitted structure of the skirt.

I simply tucked my Ravenna into the skirt and bloused it out a bit. Throw on some black, peep-toe pumps and this outfit is perfect office attire.

Front view of Straight Stitch Designs Ravenna Top | Indiesew

Because the shirt has so much going on around the neck, I opted for simple jewelry that wouldn’t detract from all those awesome ruffles.

Kimberly has done a ton of experimentation and has shown us that a knit Ravenna with no ruffles is just as good as the original. Take a look at her creation below. She gives some great feedback for sewing a knit version in her blog post.

Creation by Straight Stitch Designs |

The quality of Kimberly’s first women’s sewing pattern is truly top-notch. The instructions and illustrations are clear and concise. The pattern drafting is high quality, and the finished product fits perfectly. Be on the lookout for more great patterns coming from Straight Stitch Designs!

Make sure you’re following us on Pinterest to catch every Ravenna creation that pops up on our site. Stay tuned for new patterns coming to the Indiesew shop weekly!

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