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How We Wear It: Penny Raglan

By Allie

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It's the last day of Winter Knits Week and we have a new pattern in the shop just for this event! The Penny Raglan by Grainline Studio is an oversized knit tee with a knit-bound neckline and raglan sleeves.

I sewed my Penny Raglan in a size 2, graded out to a size 4 in our Grape Cupro Jersey fabric.

Penny Raglan Sewing Pattern by Grainline Studio | Indiesew Blog

Penny Raglan Sewn in Cupro Jersey | Indiesew Blog

Indiesew Sewing Patterns | Penny Raglan Top

I love the fit of this boxy top for a pajama shirt. But I also think it'll be ideal to wear on hot summer days. The pattern sewed up really quickly. From cutting out the top to hemming it took about 1.5 hours. I love an instant gratification project!

This cupro jersey was the perfect substrate for this design. It's lightweight (about 5 ounces per square yard) and has 50% stretch and really nice drape. It's definitely a fabric made for comfy tees like the Penny Raglan.

I used my coverstitch machine and some Heat N Bond Soft Stretch to hem the sleeves and bodices of this design, which looks really professional. It's projects like this that I'm so grateful I have a coverstitch machine!


Seamly Joggers

I also sewed a pair of joggers to wear with my Penny Raglan. These are Seamly joggers, which aren't yet made into a sewing pattern (and no longer produced), but we're considering it. I sewed these joggers using our Vintage Grey French Terry fabric.

Seamly Joggers |

These joggers have pockets, front pleats, and a slit on the side leg at the ankle. When Seamly was producing these joggers to sell, there were actually zippers at both ankles. I had a pair of those joggers and I found that I was always leaving the zippers unzipped, so I decided to forgo zippers on this pair.

Again, these pants sewed up super quickly. They took about an hour from start to finish and I've been wearing them nightly to bed. This fabric is super warm and cozy!

If you have strong feelings about whether we should make these Seamly joggers into a sewing pattern or not, please leave a comment below!

Happy sewing!

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