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How We Wear It: Linen Alder Shirt

By Allie

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I have a deep reverence for the button-down shirt (as evidenced by Shirt Month, my Archer Shirt Dress, and the various Willamettes, Cheyennes, and Archers currently hanging in my closet).

Despite the fact that collars, in my opinion, have absolutely no practical function in modern day society, they certainly are visually appealing. For someone with a smaller upper body, I like the way collared shirts balance out my proportions.

But, I have just two sleeveless button-down shirts, and I've noticed lately that they get worn on repeat on hot summer months. I'm long overdue for another sleeveless button-down in my repertoire.

For this sleeveless button-down I used the Alder Shirtdress pattern and simply shortened the View A bodices by 9" at the lengthen/shorten line. I also shortened the button bands and interfacing by the same amount. Easy as that.

I sewed this top on our sold-out Grey Striped Linen, but we have two other suitable linen fabrics in the shop!

Alder Shirt Sewing Pattern by Grainline Studio | Indiesew

Linen Alder Shirt | Side and Back View

The only other modification I made to this design was to raise the dart by 1", which is what I normally do when I sew this pattern in a drapey fabric.

But in the photo below, you'll notice that I likely raised the dart a bit too much, a result of working with this stable linen. If I sew another linen Alder Shirt, I'd likely raise the dart by only 1/2".

Alder Shirt Dart |

My favorite way to wear my linen Alder Shirt is with my Persephone Shorts. This pair is sewn in our Eggplant Cotton Twill.

Alder Shirt + Persephone Shorts | Indiesew.comOutfit Details:
Top: Alder Shirtdress (View A shortened by 9") in sold-out linen fabric
Shorts: Persephone Shorts in Eggplant Cotton Twill

Alder Shirtdress Tied | Indiesew Blog

The retro striped linens shown below would also make lovely Alder Shirts! They are only slightly sheer, so you wouldn't need to line them for a top like this.

Indiesew Fabric | Striped Linen Fabric

This Alder Shirt has already become a go-to piece in my wardrobe. I find myself reaching for it for an easy weekday outfit that still looks pulled together.

Happy sewing!

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