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How We Wear It: Lane Raglan Midi Dress

By Allie

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When I need a quick palette-cleanser sewing project, I tend to reach for the same few sewing patterns. One of those is the Lane Raglan, which also happens to be one of our all-time bestselling patterns.

This spring, after sewing so many Moto Sweatshirts, I set to work on a project that I knew would bring me a bit of instant gratification. And it was one that has been on my mind for a few years now.

I present to you a Lane Raglan midi dress! The only modification I made to the Lane Raglan sewing pattern was to add 20" in length and cut the hem straight across. It was the quickest pattern hack I've ever done! | Lane Raglan Dress Pattern Hack | How We Wear Knit Raglan Dress

Lane Raglan | Sewing Pattern by Hey June | How to Sew a Lane Raglan Dress


From start to finish, the Lane Raglan takes me about 45 minutes to sew. So it's the perfect project for afternoons when I just can't stare at a computer screen any longer.

I pulled two fabrics from the Indiesew Fabric Shop for this dress: our Carolina Blue Rayon Spandex for the body and our Ultramarine Blue Rayon Spandex for the sleeves and neckband.

Blue Rayon Spandex Fabrics |

I've always loved the look of the dark sleeves and light bodices of traditional baseball tees and I wanted this one to have that vintage feel. These two fabrics have a similar weight and stretch, so they sewed together beautifully.

I sewed the entire dress with my serger and hemmed the sleeves and dress with my coverstitch machine. Sometimes it's nice to be able to push the sewing machine to the side for a project and work solely on these machines optimized for knits and make the process super quick. 

I've been wearing my Lane Raglan dress with sandals for an easy casual weekday outfit. I'll throw on a leather jacket and a necklace if I'm going out.

And I would be lying if I said this dress hasn't also seen me through a few nights of sleep. It's secretly the most amazing pajamas ever. I may sew another maxi length version just to wear to bed!

Have you sewn the Lane Raglan yet? We'd love to see what you've made! Upload your creation and share some inspiration with the sewing world.

Happy sewing!

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